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New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)

NOSA Junior Shooters in Thunder Bay, Ontario

The New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA) has an active Junior Shooters Program in Thunder Bay intended to educate and practice junior members in safe and responsible firearms handling and use.

Further advantages to the individuals participating in our training program include developing skills of coordination and concentration that will help them in other life activities.

Eligibility for NOSA Junior Shooters

Please feel free to contact the club in regards to your son or daughter taking part in this exciting sport.

Youngsters between the ages of 7 to 18 inclusive are eligible to apply for this training and shooting program. The NOSA Junior Shooters Program coaches will closely monitor the maturity and attention to safety of these junior members. Parental consent to join is mandatory. Parents are expected to attend shooting sessions with the younger children to offer support and encouragement.

The annual membership fee is $60.00 for a Junior, and runs from mid September to the end of the following August; renewal for this category of membership is due by the end of September.

Location and Training Schedule for NOSA Juniors

NOSA Junior Shooters on Indoor Range

For NOSA Junior Shooters the Club Indoor Thunder Bay Shooting Range is at Arnone Shooting Range Inc. (300 Water Street South) on Wednesday evenings while the indoor shooting schedule is in effect. That includes all non-holiday Wednesday evenings between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. from mid September through the end of the following April. (In some years there is an extension for May as well.) Click on pictures for a larger view.

NOSA Junior Shooter at Nolalu Outdoor Range Shooting may also be done at the NOSA Club Outdoor Nolalu Range (a.k.a. JR Range) under adult supervision between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on NOSA Club Days which are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May through October inclusive. See lots more pictures of NOSA Junior Shooters enjoying their sport on the Recent Activities webpages, accessed through the menu at left.

During each NOSA club year, there are also a number of shooting competitions held specially for our Juniors. Lots of fun and prizes and treats.

NOSA Instructors for Junior Shooters

Over the years our dedicated NOSA volunteer instructors, both men and women, have developed some very proficient shooters. All our instructors are excellent shooters and work well with youngsters.

Warning and Disclaimer. Only the most current printed Shooting Rules and Range Standing Orders and Match Standing Orders as issued by the N.O.S.A. Executive are official and they should be read, understood, and followed. If there is any question as to interpretation of a rule, or safety of a practice, immediately ask a member of the Executive or a Range Safety Officer before placing yourself or anyone or anything else at risk. Any activity involving firearms has inherent dangers. Some contents on this website may include personal opinions and experiences or practices that should not be emulated. Everyone viewing this website, or any other website or book or magazine or pamphlet or media source, is cautioned to seek professional advice first about anything written or implied or inferred. Your safety is your personal responsibility.

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