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New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)

New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)
Upcoming Activities or Events

Here find details of the upcoming shooting activities and related events at NOSA, the family-friendly Thunder Bay rifle and pistol shooting club.

There will be more club shoots or activities announced here during the year as arrangements are finalized, so check this page periodically for updates.

NOSA Outdoor Shooting at Nolalu Range -- 04 May Through 29 Oct 2017

Starting 04 May this year, the Nolalu Range is normally available to all members between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. on four days of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) during these months.

During many of these NOSA hours you might be shooting alone. But there are certain periods when you are more likely to enjoy the shooting company of your fellows. Typically there are more folks present during the day on Sundays, or during the evening on Thursdays. Save some gas and car pool out there with fellow members.

The Thursday evening gathering is informal and known as the Thursday Night Irregulars, but all NOSA members are welcome. Folks tend to brew coffee there and bring home-baked goods to share. Don't be shy about your hardware. There will be lots of neat guns to admire, and sometimes shoot, but also lots of practical iron. Always great fun, and all NOSA members are encouraged to come out.

Safety Note: Remember that only the 25 metre pistol range is approved for handguns.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 20 Sep 2017 through 27 Apr 2018

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule begins at Arnone Range:
--- on Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017 for Junior Shooters;
--- on Friday, 22 Sep 2017 for Adult Shooters.

Be sure to attend regularly and practice up for the traditional NOSA indoor shoots. And it is always good fun talking and joking with your fellow members on these evenings.

The club normally shoots indoors on these evenings until the end of April:
Wednesdays for Juniors from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Fridays for Adults from 6:00 p.m. to 8:50 p.m.

Note: the earlier start time for Adult shooters is intended to allow more persons a reasonable period for shooting. Those that arrive and start early should do their shooting in a timely manner and return upstairs for refreshments and socializing; they must respect the needs of fellow members arriving later and not try to shoot for extended periods or the entire evening.

NOSA Gun Show in Thunder Bay -- Saturday and Sunday, 10 & 11 March 2018

Gun Show Visitors

This annual two-day NOSA Spring Gun Show will feature the opportunity for the public to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories. A food concession will also be on site.

Location: The Slovak Legion, 801 Atlantic Ave., Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 2S7 Canada.

The particular show details and application form for vendors/exhibitors will be posted here well in advance.

Warning and Disclaimer. Only the most current printed Shooting Rules and Range Standing Orders and Match Standing Orders as issued by the N.O.S.A. Executive are official and they should be read, understood, and followed. If there is any question as to interpretation of a rule, or safety of a practice, immediately ask a member of the Executive or a Range Safety Officer before placing yourself or anyone or anything else at risk. Any activity involving firearms has inherent dangers. Some contents on this website may include personal opinions and experiences or practices that should not be emulated. Everyone viewing this website, or any other website or book or magazine or pamphlet or media source, is cautioned to seek professional advice first about anything written or implied or inferred. Your safety is your personal responsibility.

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