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NOSA - New Ontario Shooters Association Crest

New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)
2011 Activities or Events and Pictures

Here find details of the 2011 shooting activities and related events at NOSA, the family-friendly Thunder Bay rifle and pistol shooting club. Events or subjects are in approximate date order (usually based on the earliest date if an activity is spread out).

This page is also intended to show some of our members' photos in club and related activities in and about Thunder Bay, Ontario -- or wherever our members travel for competitions or sport. We also feature some of their favourite wildlife photos. (See near bottom of this page.)

At the end of each calendar year, a particular year's activities and photos will still be available on its own NOSA page. For other years, see the top of the current Recent Activities webpage using the link at left.

If you have an objection to a particular image of yourself or your family member, send an email to the Webmaster and that image or the complete photo will be removed from the website.

All photos here are by Banacek unless otherwise credited.

Our current upcoming events are outlined on our Upcoming Activities webpage.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- September 2010 through End May 2011

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:

on Friday 17 Sep 2010 for Adult Shooters; and

on Wednesday 22 Sep 2010 for Junior Shooters.

Normally the club shoots indoors until the end of April; this year we again had an extension to the end of May thanks to the generosity of Gerry K. for the Juniors and NOSA for the Adults.

NOSA Gun Show in Murillo -- Saturday and Sunday, 12 & 13 March 2011

Gun Show Visitors

This annual 2-day NOSA Gun Show took place at the Oliver Paipoonge Township Community Centre, 4569 Oliver Road, Murillo, Ontario.

There were Club Displays and the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories. There was also a very popular food concession. The show provided some of the annual funding for our Junior Shooters program, as well as promoted the club and safe shooting sports to the general public. Admission was $3.00 each day, with children under 12 free. 485 adult members of the public attended and bought a lot of good stuff.

Daily timings were:
Friday 11 March -- 4:30 p.m. NOSA volunteers help set-up tables and equipment.
Friday 11 March -- 5:30 p.m. exhibitors arrive and are helped to set up. (There was security present over both nights.)
Saturday 12 March -- 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. open to the public.
Sunday 13 March -- 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. open to the public.

Sunday 13 March -- 3:00 p.m. NOSA volunteers help exhibitors pack up.

Door prizes were donated by Pizza Hut, GMK Armoury Specialties Limited, Moosehill Sports, and L.A.R. Arms. Thank you for your generous support.

We also acknowledge the many hours of work contributed by our NOSA volunteers over three days towards making this show a great success. The overall show was organized and directed by our most capable Glenn H., and our own Bob M. set up and ran a most appreciated kitchen with delicious wares. Volunteers helped them set up and pack away tables and many tons (literally) of exhibitors' equipment, staff the admission desk, cook, serve, clean and do any task needed. Our appreciation to Trapper-John A., Steve B., Dan G., Don K., Tony M., Tim M., Karol N., John S., and Warren W. Also Cassidy J. and Jarrett J. helped staff the Junior Shooters' table. [If I missed anyone, please let me know.]

This was the first major club event of 2011 and Banacek took some pix. A fine time was had by all show participants and volunteers. Lots of sales and good fellowship.

Show setup
began on
Friday 11th
Dan G. checking
Glenn's plan
for vendors
Gord S. and
Roy R. swing
into action
Terry D. is
Bob M. and
Don K. on
start the
Warren W. and
Glenn H. are
Tim M. is
happy in
his work
Jeff B. joins
Joe & Gail R.
of Moosehill
the day's
A short
pause before
more work
Roy R. and
Stan K. are
2 hours
to go
Rodney K.
a feature
Fred J. of
Stan K. nods
as Wayne K.
makes a point
gives advice
to Terry
John-B. G.
is well
Joe & Gail R.
of Moosehill
Bob J. with
helpers Jarrett
and Cassidy
Tim admires
Gord learns
about forged
steel methods
Rick G. preps
while John S.
checks goodies
Jim Milne
NOAHC purpose
Wade W.
Don McRae
Joe C. in
Gerry K.
and Joe C.
Deb B. of City
Police and CFO
with Rick G.
T - 5 minutes
and we're
all ready
10:00 a.m.
and the
public enters
Bob's crew
shares some
Tim Ross
makes a
good point
Denise Lyzun
talks about
On Sunday
April M. from
Yes, April
has a
lovely smile
Cassidy J.
for our
Junior Shooters
and Cassidy
also has a
lovely smile
Tim shows
mammoth ivory
to Lisa G.
Last 30
minutes of
Ricky B.
packing up
at day's end

NOSA Junior Shooters Saint Paddy's Day Match -- Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Image of paper target

"The Junior Shooters held a Saint Paddy's Day shooting match. The targets consisted of Saint Patrick over a hidden bulls eye target. To make things fair, the older kids shot the targets at 20 yards, off-hand, while the younger shooters shot at 10 meters, rested if they liked.

Standings (a shoot-off tie-breaker for 1st place was made)
1st -- Mathew
2nd -- Nicholas
3rd -- Cassey
4th -- Aryana
5th -- Michael
6th -- Andrew

Goodies were served and prizes awarded after the match. What a blast! I'd like to thank all the people who helped during this event. The next match will be Easter." Bill K. wrote this report and supplied two pictures for the Club Pictures page. Much appreciated.

NOSA Annual General Meeting -- Sunday, 20 March 2011

Members at Club Meeting

NOSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at 1:00 p.m. at the Travelodge Hotel Airlane on Arthur Street.

With a unanimous vote, all NOSA Executive positions were filled for a two year term by the existing incumbents. Obviously they have been doing an excellent job, and besides, no one else was foolish enough to put their name in contention to do all this work ;-)

Bob M. reported on the past year's budget, and expectations for this new 2011 - 2012 club year. Glenn H. reported on the gun shows and there was some discussion as to how they might be done in future. The outdoor shooting range schedule will be the same as last year. [See Range Schedules at left.]

Trapper-John A. opined that there could be more club shoots this year. Ideas include a possible outdoor shoot to start the season's activities there. Also there could be a black powder shoot; quite a few members indicated they had BP firearms and would be interested; it would also be an opportunity to introduce other members to this fun activity. Warren W. expressed interest in having a how-to lesson and safety session on BP shooting to commence this event. John also thought there might be a NOSA family shoot and BBQ after the August gun show. We'll let you know about these and other events as more details and dates become available.

Terry D. outlined plans for starting work on the Nolalu #2 Range's firing points and eventual roof structure. A number of members have put their name on a list to help out, and you can phone Terry at 475-5674 if you would also like to attend. There is no date fixed yet, but May is the likely month to start the work. [We always need enough volunteers so work can be done safely. And yes, it can be an enjoyable event too, with good fellowship.]

Adult and Family Membership Renewal. A fair number of folks renewed their NOSA memberships for 2011 on Friday night and during this meeting. IMPORTANT! If you have not yet done so, please call or see one of the executive soon in order to renew your Adult or Family Membership and continue to use club facilities in this now-new club year. At some point soon, if not renewed, those with A.T.T. certificates based on NOSA membership will see them revoked by the C.F.O. Reinstatement would involve a delay that could easily be avoided by renewing now.

Junior Memberships for 2010 - 2011 are still valid. Renewal is needed by the Junior indoor shooting start date in September 2011 for their 2011 - 2012 club year.

NOSA Junior Shooters Easter Indoor Match -- Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011

Image of paper target

This near Eastertime indoor shooting match was held on Wednesday 20 April at 7:00 p.m..

Outdoor Shooting Starts at Nolalu Range -- 01 May 2011
including Thursday Night Blasters (TNB)

Note: All NOSA members are encouraged to shoot at Nolalu Shooting Range on Thursday evenings (as well as the rest of the weekly four range days reserved for NOSA). Rare or unusual firearms are neat to see, but don't hesitate to bring out your regular hardware. Any ammunition or brand details mentioned here is for information only and is not recommended for your use; always consult a firearms company's official ammunition recommendations for their products.

07 July. Colonel Parker reports for Thursday Night Blasters: "WE'RE BACK !!! An interesting mix of hardware last night starting with a vintage 1871 Mauser in 11mm. This rifle was cut down, beat-up, pitted, and cost a whopping $20, but it went bang with the old Dominion shells. A definite keeper and project rifle.
--- Bill K. finally popped the cherry on his Savage Model 12 TRF. This is a long range target rifle in .223 Remington with a 1:7 twist, 30 inch barrel. It shot as good as it looks. 69 grain Sierra Match Kings with Varget powder and CCI BR primers proved to be the most accurate so far. Bill is going to try 80 grain Bergers next. His intent is to use this rifle in DCRA 'F' Class competition.
--- In the early 60's,the Canadian company Globe Firearms out of Ottawa, converted a number of Tokarev SVT38 and SVT40 rifles into .303 British sporters. The rifle was known as the Mohawk and last night we had one on the range. The Mohawk is quite attractive and well built. A .303 British semi-automatic is the closest we can have to a BREN on the range and it proved to be a fun and accurate rifle.
--- Another historical rifle appeared in the form of a FN .22 Auto dating from the pre-WW2 era. This is a Browning designed .22 LR semi-automatic rifle that feeds through the butt and ejects the empties through the bottom of the receiver. It is also a take-down and very compact. This rifle is still offered by Browning, but the first model was the most compact in size. This old baby fed and fired anything we put in her. Another keeper!
--- Next week we should see more vintage pieces. WHAT FUN!!!"

TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix
TNB 07 July
Col Parker's Pix

NOSA Junior Shooters End of Indoor Season Match and Awards -- 25 May 2011

Image of paper target

This traditional springtime indoor match and awards was held on the last Wednesday evening in May, the 25th.

A BBQ for the Junior Shooters took place in conjunction with this shoot.

NOSA Black Powder Shoot -- Sunday, 07 August 2011

Image of paper target

Our thanks for organizing the event go to Trapper-John. We owe particular thanks to Jeff B. who stars in many of the pictures and engaged in non-stop instruction on all aspects of BP including history, safety, loading, shooting and cleaning -- allowing anyone who wanted to, to shoot his various gems. Those other members who brought BP firearms generously loaned their use to all present; in alpha order thank you John A., Barry E., Gerry K., and Kris K.

Folks arrived around 9:00 a.m. and got a series of lessons interspersed with practical shooting sessions. I believe Jeff and the other BP owners made quite a few converts to the dark side (BP).

Particularly in the case of the flintlock firearm, smoke was not difficult to capture in the pictures as it was voluminous and certainly hung around a good while. And the aroma brought back happy memories of BP firecrackers in our youth...

The emphasis was on safe fun and lots of shooting, and even more smoke. And we certainly succeeded on all counts. Huge grins were common, but truly priceless.

The weatherman gave us a dry, warm and gloriously sunny day. He had threatened rain on and off all week for Sunday's forecast, proving the best judgement for weather on an event day is looking out the window when you get up. Most of the time there were more clouds of smoke from the black powder (BP) firearms than nature's puny versions in the sky ;-)

Particularly noteworthy were the huge grins on members' faces as the smoke cleared. BP shooting is really fun. Pix by Banacek.

Jeff B.
we start
Folks test
the new
A Brown
Bess flint
and a caplock
a load
Jeff touches
off the
and then
the lesson
Lydia S.
pays close
and gets
by smoke
Kris K.
the trigger
Was that a
flinch ???
Eugene B.
studies the
and makes
a fine
Gord S.
tries it
readies the
and demos
The gentle
art of ball
and Wade W.
makes some
fine smoke
Some folks
take a
short break
water in
the barrel
the lock
Folks soon
will try
BP pistols
Lydia S.
with huge
John Y. shoots
under Barry's
Gord pretends
there is a
real tiger
John Y. with
a cap'n ball
and Barry
"The Gent"
smokes one
Eugene B.

NOSA Nolalu Shooting Range Improvement Projects in 2011

Our shooting benches on Range #2 for the 100m and 200m targets have sprouted some simulated antlers thanks to Roy R. who has been busy in his workshop. The intent here is a reminder to shooters seated at these benches, to always keep their barrels low and near horizontal, and never pointed above the cross-bar. (Firing at these targets can also be done on the ground from the standing or kneeling or sitting or prone positions, which provide better practice for actual hunting situations, or for some matches in target competitions.)

Dana Raking and Bobcat

As you recall, in 2010 Terry and a band of volunteers erected Ironhenge at our Nolalu range. 2011 was slated for a low cost stage in the development, namely putting frost-antilift collars made of foam around the base of each pole, and then covering and levelling the firing point area with crusher run gravel.

August 23 this year found a couple of the lads playing with giant gravel castles. Dana C. kicked the castles down in a cloud of dust, and then raked while a Bobcat got to play too. Photos (and a very tiny bit of the work ;-) by Terry D.

In 2012 we expect to do the final roof stage, and more volunteers will be needed then. The question always comes up as to why the roof will be so high. Answer: because we must leave sufficient space underneath to pass a dump truck or loader for down-range maintenance.

Dana in
a dust
and now
the work
The last
gravel pile
as the
Just a bit
more raking

Kakabeka Falls Gun Show -- Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gun Show Visitors

This event was held from 09:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday 27 August in partnership between NOSA and GMK Armoury Specialties. Its location was the Kakabeka Falls Legion on Highway 11/17 a couple of minutes East of town. A kitchen was run by Legion staff.

Gerry K. did most of the bookings and preparatory work along with Glenn H. Then Dan G. stepped up to replace Glenn during final prep, and the actual show operational and administrative activities. NOSA volunteers set up the display area on Friday and assisted exhibitors with unloading and loading a great deal of heavy stuff then and during the following day. Our thanks to the great band of volunteers who included Trapper-John A., Dana C., Dan G., Bob J., Gerry K., Lydia S. (who did an admirable job staffing the gate for much of the day), Gord S., Warren W., John Y., and Banacek.

NOSA had an information display about the NOSA Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports, including our Junior Shooters Program. The public took a great deal of interest and we expect some new members from the visitors who spoke to our NOSA table volunteers, led by Dana C. and Bob J. It is noteworthy that Bob J. enthusiastically staffed our table virtually all day.

Pix by Banacek start with a couple from the evening before, followed by the actual event on Saturday. One very evident happening: exhibitors take enthusiastic interest in their fellows' displays -- what is presented and how. I believe Gord S. appeared in more pictures than anyone else present but that may not be correct. Carefully check the pix, including the background, for other persons present and keep score. If you make a scoring table, the pix here are numbered from 0 to 29. [No prizes, it is just a game for a rainy day.]

Friday waiting
for volunteers
to arrive
for Friday
is set up
On Saturday
Trapper-John A.
prices goodies
Peter O.
Reid W. polishes
while Peter
checks a scope
Tim R.
with very
sharp display
Stan and Wayne
K.'s table
has interest
Len S. scopes
Joe C.'s
large display
Gord and Tim
at Fred J.'s
Albert H.
does final
Chris B-V
visits Aviation
Heritage table
Jim Milne
airs models
and videos
Gord S.
at Rick G.'s
L.A.R. Arms
Fred J.
Scott S.
All the
Scott S.
Jeff B.
Albert H.
jokes with
Warren W.
Lots of
books too
Show is
Wade W. asks
"Are there
Bud M. is
George H.
asks Gerry K.
for info
Closer look
at Chris B-V's
display items
Len S.
stands ready
to help
Dan G. talks
to Lydia S.
at entry
Bob J. and
Dana C. in
at our
Bob J. promotes
our family
Warren W.
Bob M.
had a
great time

Trappers' Association Turkey Shoot at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 11 Sep 2011

Image of turkey

The Trappers' Association Turkey Shoot (an annual event) was held at our Nolalu Ranges, with shooting starting at 11:00 a.m. [No actual turkey was at risk, only paper targets.]

Trapper-John A. ran the shooting events with the capable assistance of Warren W.

Members of NOSA (including Junior Shooters) and the public were welcome to attend, and enter, the various .22 rimfire rifle or centerfire rifle shooting events. I was glad to see there were a fair number of NOSA members in attendance, but hopefully there will be more next time. There were a great many really good prizes. Trapper-John and Dana C. tested (and retested) and certified that the food was a good deal better than acceptably tasty! Mmmmmm!

It was noteworthy how very many ladies and youngsters attended and enthusiastically participated in the various shooting events. Yes shooting is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Pix by Banacek.

Trapper-John A.
calls shooters
to events
Ladies are
very much
One match
is just
to award
A view
to the
to the
Warren W.
calls folks
to CF match
have put
up targets
This relay
is nearly
Kevin K.
Jeff B.
Another CF
relay is
John & Kevin
testing the
great food
setting up
and squeeze
the trigger
Adult RF
event about
to start
Albert H.
and Gord S.
swap tales

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 14 Sep 2011 through End Apr 2012

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
--- on Wednesday 14 Sep 2011 for Junior Shooters;
--- on Friday 16 Sep 2011 for Adult Shooters.

Moose (or Deer) Sight-In Session at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 25 Sep 2011

Moose image

This Thunder Bay annual service for the public was hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and operated by NOSA personnel. Sighting-In took place from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

MNR Conservation Officer Ross Johnston was on site to answer questions about hunting rules and firearms safety in hunting situations, and kindly provided coffee and snacks.

Many NOSA member volunteers were on hand and assisted individuals with the actual sighting-in process. Our fine helpers included: Trapper-John A., Jeff B., Dana C., Dan G., Glenn H., Bob J., Gerry K. (who also helped with verifying sights and solving other mechanical issues), Kevin K., Bob M., Wayne S., Gord S., Warren W., and Banacek, who took the pix.

It was a safe and fun outing that everyone enjoyed. We also signed up at least one new member for the club.

Tea while
waiting for
the public
in progress
Ross Johnston
Gerry K.
and Jeff B.
Bob M.
Glenn H.
Kevin K.
Warren W.
Gord S. spots
Attention to
breathing and
trigger squeeze
Dana C.
He and Kevin K.
spot for
this .30-30
More action
on Range #2
for 100m
Gerry K. chats
with new
who were
signed in
by Glenn H.
is still
Range #1 is
for initial
A lady and
her Mini 14
at the ready
Wayne S.
Mourning Cloak
despite noise
and enjoys
the fine
sunny day

Nature Fact. The Mourning Cloak is one butterfly in Northern Ontario that sometimes can be seen on sunny days in late winter or early spring, often while snow is still on the ground. Hidden out of sight of predators, it survives our severe winters in cracks of tree bark or under shingles, while frozen in cryo-preservation.

NOSA Club Appreciation Shoot and BBQ at Nolalu Range -- Sunday, 02 Oct 2011

Image of paper target

This shoot was for all NOSA club members, including Junior Shooters, and began at 11:00 a.m. The weather cooperated and gave us an unseasonably warm (actually hot) day with never a cloud in the sky. (There were a few intermittent clouds around shooting benches with black powder smoke-poles.)

This annual event was in appreciation of the volunteerism and support shown by all members, whether at special events or just in the day-to-day help provided to others. And you will not find a more selfless bunch of citizens than in this very family friendly club. The turnout this year was excellent and a great many juniors and proud parents participated.

The events were chosen by Trapper-John A., who was extremely busy handing out targets and scoring them and giving out prizes at the end of day. Other members helped run the ranges for the various events as well as coach and assist shooters as required. The usual suspects helping were Dana C., Dan G., Bob J., Bill K., Gerry K., Kevin K., Kris K., Bob M., Wayne S., Gord S., John Y., and Warren W.

There was a magnificently delicious BBQ. Food and beverages were provided free by NOSA and organized by Bob M. We particularly thank his son Dana John M. for carefully shepherding the goodies over the burner until they were cooked to perfection -- bravo!

We also wish to commend Roy R. for the carefully designed and meticulously made new rifle rack; it got a good workout and probably will need a twin in future for popular events like this.

Shooting events included rimfire and centerfire handguns and rifles; black powder firearms also participated within the centerfire events. I hope the increase in black powder use is a growing trend; it adds immense fun at low cost compared to using commercially made cartridges.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:

25 M Bullseye .22 RF HG, Standing: Dana C., Bob J., Kevin K.
25 M Bullseye CF HG, Standing: Bob J., Dana C., Wayne S.
25 M Bingo .22 RF HG, Any Position: Bob J., Dana C., Chris K.
25 M 5 Bulls .22 RF Rifle Any Sights, Standing: Brian W., Gord S., Bill K.
25 M 5 Bulls .22 RF Rifle Any Sights, Bench: Ron W., Brian W., Bill K.
25 M Bingo .22 RF Rifle Any Position: Ron W., Wayne S., Kevin K.
100 M CF Rifle for Points, Bench: Ron W., Bill K., Gord S.
100 M CF Rifle for Points, Standing: Bill K., Gord S., Dan G.
25 M Junior Bullseye #1: Jarrett J., Mykola K., Isaiah L.
25 M Junior Bullseye #2: Jarrett J., Mykola K., Nicholas S.
25 M Junior Bingo: Taylor L., Jarrett J., Isaiah L.

Our thanks to all our good folks in attendance for their enthusiastic participation. Members obviously enjoyed themselves on this gloriously warm October day, shooting and spectating and eating and chatting with friends, both old and new.

The following pix were taken by Banacek.

Dana C. checks
zero before
folks arrive
Trapper-John A.
Warren W. and
Wayne S.
Rifle rack
thanks to
Roy R.
and we all
admire the
Dan G. and
Gord S. share
a laugh
we'll need
another rack
Brian W.
made his
own rack
Folks starting
to get
ready now
Bobbi M.
and her
Bob J. with
Cassidy and
Bob M. top
right coaches
Folks wait
their turn
to shoot
Wade W.
chats with
Don W.
Ron W. in
now joined
Gord S.
Dana John M.
has the BBQ
well in hand
Brian W. (L)
gets his
Mykola K.
good form
Lots of
Juniors on
Range #1
We're really
Folks are
a break
Warren W.
is always
Dan G.'s
rifle in
Scott V.
loves mil
Changing targets
only on
green flag
Range #1
stays busy
all day
of Bill K.
who monitors
and coaches
as needed
Bob J. in
for 100M
John Y. loves
those short
mil types
Kris K. is
the day
A wider
view of
Range #2
Chris K. (L)
and Don W.
Kevin K.
cocks a
and smokes
the target
once again
Folks like
to spectate
and shoot
Kris K. helps
new folks
on CF rifles
Gerry K.
to fire
George H.
at lower
Bob M.
the line
Dan G. spots
here for
Chris K.
Jarred and Mykola
watch Isaiah
fire mil rifle
Kris enjoys
his mil
rifles too (!)
Dylan L. in
camo shirt
and shows
shooting form
as John scores
the targets

Here are some additional pix kindly provided afterwards by Bill K., who did a great job with our Juniors.

Range #1
Frank B.[front]
Jayden S.
& Samantha B.
her aim
Scott V.
for Kris K.

Junior Shooters Halloween Shoot -- Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011

Pumpkin Picture

Bill K. writes: Another successful shoot on October 26/11. The Junior Shooters participated in a Halloween match. Two categories, 10 years and under, 11 and older. A chance target was made with a pumpkin and a hidden bullseye target behind. Only one winner in each event!
10 and younger:   Cassidy J.
    11 and older:   Geoff M.

Prizes were awarded and a Halloween goody session was held after the match. What fun! Thanks to all the participants and helpers.

NOSA Adult Indoor Shoot -- Friday, 09 December 2011

Image of paper target

This annual December shoot started at 7 p.m. as usual and included events for RF and CF handguns, and RF rifles.

There was also a draw for a ham that was won by Don W. And yes, everyone participating had a fun evening shooting, and then talking and joking with their friends.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:

Bullseye RF HG: Gord S., Kevin K., Tom S.
Bingo RF HG: Tim M., Terry D., Ron W.
Bullseye CF HG: Wes W., Don W., Tim M.
Bullseye RF Rifle, Standing: Li Y., Terry D., Bob J.
Bingo RF Rifle, Standing: Bob J., Terry D., Susan C.

NOSA Junior Shooters Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Image of paper target

This was the annual December shoot for Juniors and was kindly written up by Bill K., who also provided the pix. "The pictures are of Brian, wanting to shoot with the other kids, during the Christmas shoot. Three years old!

This year we had 24 shooters in total in the categories: 8 - 10 years and younger, shooting the bingo targets; 16 - 11 years and up, shooting the 10 meter targets.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:
10 and under: Nicholas, Cassidy J., Andrew;
11 and older: Geoff M., Courtney, Andre.

Seven parents had a shooting match for a prize (not as easy as it looks!) which was won by Glen G. Then a door prize was drawn for a Cineplex gift card, won by Geoff M.

After the match, prizes were awarded and a goodies party followed. Thank you to Tammey for the delicious cup cakes and to Gerry K. for refreshments. Also, I'd like to thank all the helpers and the parents who made this shoot a success! A Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to all!" -- Bill K.

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2011

Wes W. in April-May 2011 was in the Canadian high arctic to train guides amid some of the most beautiful and desolate scenes on earth. Wes later returned to the arctic for more teaching and shot a bull ring seal in June to feed the dog team. On a later trip in August Wes has some up-close and personal pix of polar bears (these ones did not have to be punched in the nose). Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. And when are you going to write that book?

Our fall hunting pix started off with Scott S.'s successful moose hunt north of Armstrong with three friends from Oregon. On 31 October Scott also got a large timber wolf at 412 yards with a 270 WSM.

John-Bryan G. wrote: "Built 3 box blinds on my friend's farm North of Emo. Next summer Healey and I are building 3 more! Nothing like hunting in style and comfort! I got no moose and no bucks this year, but saw well over a hundred deer in total. But Healey did well. How many just-turned-19 year olds can boast 8 deer and 1 moose to their credit in the past few years!!"

And the final pix are from a fall hunt by Chris C. and friends. There are more details to read in his article in the Member Ramblings section titled "A Memorable 2011 Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario".

Wes W. in
Now that's
a very BIG
ice cube
Wes on
his arctic
Wes takes bull
seal with .223
for dog team
Wes finds
a polar bear
in the fog
An even closer
look at
a bruin
Scott S.
at left with
Oregon friends
Scott with
timber wolf
and 270 WSM
John-Bryan G.
pix of the
three hunting
box blinds
he built
near Emo on
a friend's
They are
well built
and do
look very
Healey G.
(as always)
and here
is another
fine deer
does her
own hauling
A very capable
young lady
A fine calf
from Chris C.'s
hunting party
and here is
his own
8-point buck
along with
a very happy
Chris C.

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