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Ramblings at New Ontario Shooters Association

"Ramblings" is kind of a catchall for original NOSA member stuff that does not fit neatly into the other webpages here. It may include ideas and essays and viewpoints and commentary. You may have a great hunt to describe or funny outdoors story to tell; please share it. Some content will originate from your webmaster; hopefully many topics will come from -- or be inspired by -- other NOSA members.

Don't get too hung up on spelling or grammar. Give me a rough draft of your article and I'll work with you to polish it for publication. Waiting for your input.....

Note: Within each category, the most recently submitted articles are first. The date shown for each article is when it was posted, or updated.

Table of Contents for Member Essays and Articles and Stories

Adventures and Hunts by NOSA Members

2023 Whitetail Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario -- November 2023 -- Dave O.

My 2022 South African Hunt -- October 2022 -- Patrick C.

2018 Whitetail Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario -- December 2018 -- Dave O.

2014 Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario -- November 2014 -- Chris C.

A Deer Hunting Tradition in New York State -- December 2013 -- Don M.

A Second Walrus Hunt in the Canadian Arctic -- July 2013 -- Wes W.

2012 Deer Hunting Experience -- January 2013 -- Tom W.

E-mail From A Walrus Hunt in the Canadian Arctic -- Nunavut -- July 2012 -- Wes W.

African Big Game Safari by Wes and Sue -- April 2012 -- Wes W.

2005 Deer Hunt and My Biggest Buck -- March 2012 -- Tom W.

Memorable 2011 Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario -- March 2012 -- Chris C.

Arctic Caribou and Seal Hunting Experience -- December 2011 -- Warren W.

Moose Hunting in the Yukon -- October 2010 -- Stephen K.


Choosing Your First Pistol -- October 2010 -- Banacek

Telescopic and Optical Sights

Vision Problems and Alternative Shooting Sight Solutions -- Updated August 2020 -- Banacek

Choosing A Reliable Telescopic Sight For Your Rifle -- December 2011 -- Wes W.


My Custom Dangerous Game Rifle -- Updated May 2024 -- Patrick C.

Testing the .30-30 Win For Benchrest Shooting -- March 2024 -- Banacek

Black Powder Rifle For Beginners -- September 2022 -- Jamie R.

Achieving Benchrest Rifle Precision and Accuracy -- November 2021 -- Banacek

.35 Caliber Rifles -- Still Appreciated -- March 2012 -- Banacek

Equipment in General

Smaller Gear Can Be a Better Choice -- May 2010 -- Banacek


One Step Gas Check Maker -- Updated June 2024 -- Jamie R.

The Enfield and Mosin Bullet Mold -- May 2024 -- Jamie R.

Some Tips For Sizing Cast Bullets -- April 2023 -- Jamie R.

Powder Coating Cast Bullets -- May 2022 -- Jamie R.

Some Tips For Making, Loading, and Shooting Cast Lead Bullets -- April 2022 -- Jamie R.

Paper Patching Cast Lead Bullets For Cartridges -- March 2021 -- Jamie R.

Find Your Best .22 Rimfire Ammunition -- Updated August 2020 -- Banacek


Canon 10x30 IS (Image Stabilized) Binoculars -- October 2011 -- Banacek

Bushnell Custom Compact 7x26 Binoculars -- May 2010 -- Banacek


Buck Folding Hunter -- May 2010 -- Banacek

Something A Little Different

A Hunting Knife's Perilous Journey -- October 2012 -- Warren W.

NOSA Nature and Conservation Experiences

Raising Monarch Butterflies in Northwest Ontario -- Updated October 2020 -- Banacek

Red Fox and Northern Lights Photos -- March 2013 -- Ray M.

NOSA Website and Photography Information

Behind the Scenes at NOSA's Website (Technical Tips) -- Updated February 2021 -- Banacek

Thoughts on Becoming NOSA's Webmaster -- April 2010 -- Banacek

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