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Memorable 2011 Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario

March 2012 -- Chris C.

According to my long time friends and hunting partners from Sault Ste Marie and London, this season was FANTASTIC! The calf moose was harvested from the Adrian Lake area on the first day of our hunt. The calf was shot by my friend from London who until that day had never seen a moose, let alone had a chance to hunt one.

The rest of our hunt was a great way to break in my new Thompson Center Venture .300 Win Mag, with all 5 deer shot with it in a 6-day time period.

My final 8-point buck came as a surprise as I was actually out mid morning to take down my tree stand. I climbed up to take a few pictures for my 2011 Hunting Album. While sitting I threw out a few soft doe bleats and closed my eyes, enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

Not more than 15 minutes later I heard branches breaking in the distance and was greeted by a healthy 8-pointer heading my way. I was able to range him at 185 yards out. I picked up my rifle and managed to put the cross hairs on him with little effort. (Thank you Bushnell Elite.)

Patience paid off for me this time. A gentle squeeze of the trigger was all that was needed as I toppled him with a perfect heart/lung shot 65 yards from my tree stand. I guess all the days spent on the range paid off this year.

A few celebratory minutes later, and many thanks to the deer Gods, I climbed down, tagged and field dressed this fine animal.

In all my excitement I didn't take the scenery pics I wanted nor did I take down my stand. That was left for the next day as I climbed back up with my camera and cup of Tim's to put an end to another great season of hunting...

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

A fine calf
from Chris C.'s
hunting party
and here is
his own
8-point buck
along with
a very happy
Chris C.

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