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NOSA - New Ontario Shooters Association Crest

New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)
2013 Activities or Events and Pictures

Here find details of the 2013 shooting activities and related events at NOSA, the family-friendly Thunder Bay rifle and pistol shooting club. Events or subjects are in approximate date order (usually based on the earliest date if an activity is spread out).

This page is also intended to show some of our members' photos in club and related activities in and about Thunder Bay, Ontario -- or wherever our members travel for competitions or sport. We also feature some of their favourite wildlife photos. (See near bottom of this page.)

At the end of each calendar year, a particular year's activities and photos will still be available on its own NOSA page. For other years, see the top of the current Recent Activities webpage using the link at left.

If you have an objection to a particular image of yourself or your family member, send an email to the Webmaster and that image or the complete photo will be removed from the website.

All photos here are by Banacek unless otherwise credited.

Our current upcoming events are outlined on our Upcoming Activities webpage.

Click on any individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 12 Sep 2012 to 26 Apr 2013

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
    Wednesday 12 September 2012 for the Junior Shooters, and
    Friday 14 September 2012 for the Adult Members.

Junior Shooters had all non-holiday Wednesday evenings and Adults had all non-holiday Friday evenings until the end of April 2013. (There is sometimes an extension in May and this year there was -- two extra Fridays for the Adults and the month for Juniors.) Timings were from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Photos taken during formal NOSA indoor shoots are grouped with the particular event. We also receive the occasional picture from a regular shooting night and if so they will be found here.

GMK Basic Reloading Clinic -- Sunday, 10 Feb 2013

Rick J. and Gerry K. conducted a Basic Reloading Clinic from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Arnone Shooting Range. Cost was $20 and all materials and equipment were provided. Ten students were enrolled and spent the afternoon learning basic metallic cartridge loading through a tutorial and hands on practice. Each person was able to assemble and take home a loaded .308 Winchester cartridge using basic loading tools.

Some of the participants expressed interest in future workshops in handgun cartridge assembly, bullet casting and precision loading. The facilitators are looking at continuing these activities.

Our collective thanks to Rick and Gerry for contributing their time and resources towards helping shooters, and generously donating the profits to the NOSA Junior Shooters Program. Bravo!

NOSA Gun Show in Murillo -- Saturday and Sunday, 9 & 10 March 2013

Gun Show Visitors

This annual two-day NOSA Gun Show featured the opportunity for the public to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories. A food concession was also on site.

Location: Oliver Paipoonge Township Community Centre, 4569 Oliver Road, Murillo, Ontario.

NOSA had an information display about our Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports including our Junior Shooters Program. Rick J. was on hand with his sharpening station to sharpen a hunting or fishing or kitchen knife for a very small fee ($2.) and all those proceeds went directly to our Junior Shooters Program, along with other funds from this show's admission fees and kitchen sales.

First our congratulations to Dan G. for orchestrating a smooth success for his first gun show as Coordinator, and also helping out with all physical tasks. Actually we set a new attendance record with 627 adult admissions over the two days. We probably would have done slightly better if not for the snowstorm on Sunday.

We previously asked for more NOSA members to volunteer to help out, and that request was well met. Labouring long and hard in the kitchen under Bob M. were Don K., Tim M., and Warren W. Those good folks also pitched in with the arduous setup on Friday and tear down on Sunday. Our other hard working volunteers included: Merv A., Steve B., Joe C., Dana C., John Gi., Melissa Gi., Adam G_z, Bob J., Don M., Ray M., Tony M., Larry P., Ken S., Wayne S., Gord S., Ryan W., and Li Y.. A special thanks to our Juniors, Cassidy J. and Aryanna M., who staffed the club table and provided helpful info to visitors. Vendors Jeff B. and John-Bryan G. and Healey G. also pitched in to help others unload or load vehicles. Thank you all, most sincerely.

Door prizes, drawn after the completed event, were generously contributed by Gerry K. of GMK Armoury Specialties and Rick G. of L.A.R. Arms, as well as NOSA. We also appreciated the fine advice provided to visitors by representatives from the Ontario CFO (Chief Firearms Office), Deb B. and April M. The vendors, by their presence and friendly chatting with visitors, also helped make the show a pleasant and happy experience for the public. Thank you all very much ..... following are some pix at the show by Banacek.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Friday afternoon
and 30+ tables
to organize
Ray M.
confers with
Gord S.
Tables are done
but now we wait
for the vendors
Hey guys,
give Judy R.
a hand
Bob M.'s troops
prepping on
Dan G. with
Bob, and all
set to go
Larry P.
chats with
Tim M.
Trapper-John A.
talks with
Li Y. & Tim M.
Bud M.
gets some
& John A.
still prepping
Still a bit
to organize at
Judy's tables
Rick J. sharpens
knives to fund
Junior Shooters
Checking the edge
and shaving a
lot of arm hair
The public is
to enter
Li Y. discusses
Rick G.'s LAR
Arms products
June and Judy
are our twin
Miss Congeniality
Cassidy J. and
Aryanna M. advise
about NOSA
Crowd's getting
much larger
in first hour
CFO's Deb B.
flashes her
trademark smile
Jeff B. with
something for
every need
Jim C. is
a master
lure maker
about to hook
an interested
Rodney K. has
some very high
end products
Charlene K.
chats with
Willy L.
Yummy food is
always very
Sunday, John A.
is making
his rounds
Stan & Wayne K.
attend all
our shows
Albert H.
in deep
Wayne S. ponders
Rick G.'s
Gerry K. and
Terry D. with
friend Judy R.
Merv A. examines
fine leathers at
June's table
Jesse B. and
Warren doing
some reading
Joe C.
with Judy
The lads,
discussing a
fine rifle
Bob M. and
Warren W.
surveying all
CFO's April M.
and her lovely
John is rightly
proud of Healey's
Kris K. with
his fine
son Ivan
close to
show's end
the kitchen
is cleaned
and tidied
and we have
a big smile
from Don K.
Fred J. and
the vendors
packing up now
Ever helpful
Tony M. aids
with cleanup
Packing and
moving in
high gear
Almost done now
and a welcome
rest awaits

NOSA Annual General Meeting -- Sunday, 17 March 2013

Members at Club Meeting

Location. NOSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held from 1:00 p.m. at the Labour Centre at 929 Fort William Road (across the street from Intercity Mall). Refreshments were available, including a moose chili made by Bob M., who said he sure wasn't having any[?].

This AGM's agenda included presentation of the annual budget, discussion of club business, and the biennial election for all NOSA Executive positions.

Finances are in good shape and we expect to complete the construction of the 24 X 60 foot roof at Nolalu sometime this spring or summer. The date (actually dates, as it make take a few days) will be decided later. There was a sign-up list for volunteers to help out; if you missed signing up, contact Terry D. at 475-5674 and he will add you to the list. Like every other joint project, these events involve some actual work alongside your fellow members, but are also fun and memorable. Roy R. is completing a new table for the Nolalu Range.

The board will evaluate how best to increase adult indoor shooting opportunities. Friday shooting might start earlier, or we might add Monday evening; either way, a test period will be tried this fall.

Appreciation was expressed to Gerry K. (for all his contributions) and he also donated $150. from the recent reloading clinic. There will be more clinics, and he would like suggestions for topics. We also thanked Bill K. for his work with the Junior Shooters (and he also thanked the parents and club volunteers that assisted him). Rick J. was thanked for his contributions from knife sharpening at our gun shows and instructing at the reloading clinic.

Bill K. reported that he now had 27 Junior Shooters ranging from ages 4 to 16. They are also helping two young folks practice for the rifle portion of their biathlon training (skiing and shooting). Bill will be personally donating an air rifle to a successful Junior Shooter this year.

Warren W. reported on the growing numbers of persons absolutely new to shooting that have joined the club and passed our safety course (15 in 2011, 21 in 2012 and 8 so far this year). Warren also brought attention to the safety rules (some of which can be found on the webpage link at left) and advised that there had been no incidents or accidents. He emphasized that when there is a need to call a range cease fire, all shooters must immediately cease firing, unload their firearms, lay them down, and not touch them again until told to do so.

NOSA members with A.T.T.s brought their Prohibited or Restricted POL or PAL card with them as there was a sign up list at the AGM with the Secretary, so that he can verify the card number, and renew the A.T.T.s which expire after the AGM later this spring (check the expiry date on yours). If you will need an A.T.T. renewal and did not come to the AGM, be sure to talk to the Secretary Bob M. (phone 627-1869 or email as soon as possible.

Biennial Elections. After suitable deliberation, no one [including George H.] wanted to actually replace any of the incumbents and they were re-elected by acclamation.

Banacek thanked those members who have contributed articles and pictures to the website. Some AGM pix by Banacek follow.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Bob: "So you
want my job?"
George: "No way!"
Members are
to gather
The Executive
starts the
Warren delivers
a report and
safety tips
details some
upcoming shoots
Two of the
lads traded
their names

NOSA Junior Shooters Easter Shoot -- Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Image of paper target

We had an Easter shoot for the Juniors and 25 participated. Bill K. kindly provided the report and the pictures found here.

Each shooting category and the results follow:

12 and Under: Payton B. (11/16" group), Nick S. (3/4"), Derek L. (1 1/16") with a 3-way shoot off tie breaker for second place between Nick S., Aryanna M., and Carley K.

Senior shooter standings for 10 meter regulation targets off hand are: Mykola K. 53, Dylan G. 50, Mathew A. 45. There was a tie breaker shoot off for third place between Mathew A. and Jarrett J.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants.

A party was held after the shoot with hot dogs (cooked by our chef Bob M.). Easter treats were supplied by NOSA and refreshments were supplied by Gerry K. of GMK. Thank you for all the help making these events enjoyable for everyone! -- Bill K.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Adult Easter Shoot -- Friday, 05 April 2013

Image of paper target

Trapper-John A. organized the events and scored targets and handed out prizes. Events included rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol, and rimfire rifle.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:

Bullseye RF HG:   Ron W.,   Bob M.,    Bob J..
Bingo RF HG:       Ron W.,   Bob H.,    Steffan H.
Bullseye CF HG:   Bob J.,     Dana C.,   Steffan H..
Bullseye RF Rifle:  Ron W.,   Mark W., Wray C.
Bingo RF Rifle:     Wray C.,   Ron W.,    Bob J.

And as on any good night at the NOSA shooting club, folks drank coffee and joked and enjoyed the evening.

NOSA Junior Shooters Wrap-Up Match and BBQ -- Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Image of paper target

Bill K. sent in the following report and pictures. "Well, another season has passed us with the last Junior Shooters match and BBQ. The standings are as follows:

12 and under:
1- Derek L. 96
2- Carter P. 90
3- Brandon 89
Derek won a shoot off tie breaker.

The Senior shooters competed for an Air Rifle kit that I donated. The top average won the prize for the season.
1- Jarrett J. 52.7 average
2- Nevin L. 49.23
3- Mathew A. 47.5

Top score: Jason 74. The match targets are very small, even for 10 meters! The youngest shooter was Brooklynn W. who shot a 72. She will be 5 years old soon!

Again, congratulations to all of the winners. I would like to thank the NOSA Executive, the parents, GMK Armoury and all the helpers for a great and safe shooting season. Bill K."

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Outdoor Shooting at Nolalu Range -- 02 May through 31 Oct 2013

The spring to fall outdoor shooting schedule began at our Nolalu Range on Thursday 02 May and continued every week on NOSA Club Days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until Thursday 31 October 2013.

Photos taken during formal NOSA outdoor shoots are grouped with the particular event. We also received the occasional picture from a Nolalu Range regular outdoor shooting day in 2013, and they will be found here.

Ray M. kindly provided a photo of Harry W.'s innovation of ping-pong balls used as targets at 300 meters. Most of us would need really, really large beach balls ;-)

On 19 September, some stalwart rimfire shooters started a weekly 100 M shooting competition, held each Thursday at 1:00 p.m. (but they turn up 1/2 hour earlier to sight in). Great, inexpensive experience for longer range shooting. Don M. submitted some pix, which were taken on a very dark day on 19 September with intermittent heavy rain. Thankfully the new roof provided some welcome shelter. There are also some more of Don's photos from later matches.

That same 19 September stormy evening, Gerry K. provided some phone pix of the Thursday Night Irregulars (TNI) making themselves comfy under the roof. Ray M. brought his generator, coffee perc and microwave. Bob J. brought several pies and GMK donated Coffee. Now that's roughing it.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Harry W.
and his
300m targets
19 Sept and
first regular
Rimfire Match
finds a
dark stormy
19 Sept evening
the Irregulars
ate many pies
and fired
but can't all
fit under
one brolly
The TNI group
sure can
Why is there
some pie
still left?
26 Sept found
Don M. and
Gord S.
set up for
a rimfire
on the
100 M
03 October
was another
rimfire match
and Rick J.
is enjoying
a fun shoot
as too
is Ron W.
with a

NOSA Nolalu Shooting Range Improvement Projects in 2013

Our Range #2 roof project, which started in 2010, finally acquired enough funding to be comfortably continued this year. The earlier work can be seen on the respective activities pages for 2010 and 2011. What happened in 2012? No big construction, but we added a couple more firearms stands for club events.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A few of the usual suspects (NOSA folks who volunteer for everything) turned up at the range about 9 a.m. to cut the roof support poles to final length, and insert the massive steel beam supports that had been welded up by Kevin K. Volunteers included: Dana C., Terry D., Don K., Don M., Larry P., Warren W. and yours truly, Steve B., who also took the pix here. What a wild bunch; it was much like herding cats and with more opinions present than found at the U.N.

Tuesday was the only day early this week that was originally forecast to be rain-free. We still had a twenty minute shower that was actually pleasant, during what was to become the scorching hottest day so far this year. Afterward we adjourned into St. Urho's for a late lunch and well deserved rest in the shade.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Don K. & Don M.
assembling the
and joined
here by
Larry P.
Terry D. and
Don K. safety
wire all joints
Don K. using
jig to mark
the cut line
Larry P.
ponders Dana's
cutting rig
for the
first pole
Dana ensures
before starting
Now lit
and ready
to go
First he
cuts the
far side
Larry's on
safety rope,
controls fall
Hauling up
a bracket
for a beam
It is
plugged in
Terry's dog
Roxie surveys
all we do
Yes sparks flew
but the ground
was very damp
Warren W. surveys
safety ropes
for every cut
works for
poles too!
Boy they're
hot and
Always careful
lifting those
Everyone is
Planning to use
a ladder for
an awkward cut
The ladder
is lashed to
the pole,
then removed
for the
final cut
all pay close
First of the
four shorter
poles is readied
We're getting
much more
Dana finishing
the last
pole's cut
to produce
the final
Pipehenge is
shorter but

Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday turned out to be everything we hoped for in a fine sunny summer day. [Those are exceedingly rare of late.]

Our work party began at the Nolalu Range at 9 a.m. and we were soon hard at work nailing together the two massive main beams for the roof structure.

On hand were most of the usual suspects (members that have not yet learned how to hide from the press-gang): Eugene B., Keith C., Dana C., Terry D., John Gi., Don K., Bob M., John Sa., Susan C. and Wes W., and yours truly Steve B. who also took some pix.

Susan asked whether I was going to get a picture of her working; that was not a problem, and not posed, as she hammered all day with the best of them.

After toiling in the sun, folks retired to the sanctuary of St Urho's for a well deserved late lunch and congenial conversation.

Wes and Susan kindly regaled us with stories from his and Susan's recent bow hunt in Australia, and his successful walrus hunt last week. Fascinating stuff that I wish we could persuade him to write up for his biography. Lots of incredible facts we never knew, and all rolled into some very exciting true tales.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Planning layout
for long
main beams
Find crowns
and start
Beam lowered
to add
last layer
Second beam
builds on
top of first
Cutting to
the joints
closer to
The last
boards are
and here's
the very
What a fine
bunch of
that enjoy
work and

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tuesday morning found exactly the same group of 11 hard-working volunteers that had turned out on Monday.

With us for the morning were Eugene B., Keith C., Bob M., and Susan C. & Wes W.; their continued efforts were very much appreciated.

With us for the whole day from 9 to nearly 5, with no break for lunch, were Dana C., Terry D., John Gi., Don K., John Sa. and Steve B., who also took more pix.

This session we used a huge boom truck provided by Terry to lift the massive beams into place, whereupon the poles were tweaked straighter with come-alongs and Don's truck before we lagged the brackets to the beams. Dana then welded the brackets to the poles, and all pitched in to help Dana weld inter-pole bracing all around. Using the boom truck, groups of 24 foot long rafters were hoisted onto the structure, ready for the next stage.

What is not obvious from the pictures are the many small steps involved of taking measurements and making calculations and lots of lifting and moving stuff and scrambling up and down ladders and scaffolding. Busy!

For those who have not seen it, Dana has a home-made portable welder that had its origin with an antique Wisconsin engine taken off who knows what. As a kid Dana used it to power a go-cart when he was about 10 and it is so worn now that there is very little piston left above its ring. Nevertheless it has spent the last 30 years powering a 24 volt generator off an aircraft to make a truly effective stick welder. The motor ran continually all day without a hiccup. Try that with a modern welder.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

and sets up
near the
poles' center
and getting
ready to
hook on
Last minute
Eugene is
ready for
beam's end
which he
A little bit
of stick
The beam is
very close to
settling in
John Sa.
the slings
Second beam
is on
its way
in all
before welding
is now a
very effective
John Gi. and
Don K. lagging
beam to post
Keith holds
while Terry
cuts braces
Dana is
testing welder
and then
welds first
metal brace
that will
keep pole
Done with
care and
as all welds
Why are they
all pointing
and laughing?
Why, Dana's
working all
alone now
More tweaking
with a
the scaffold
for a task
John Gi. guides
a stack of
24' rafters
Still adding
the last
few braces
Don's truck
pulls the last
pole vertical
before it's
lagged and
Don squares and
attaches the
first rafter

Thursday, 01 August 2013

August 01 found us at the range for the third day this week to work on the roof project.

Volunteer workers included Eugene B., Dana C., Terry D., John Gi., Don K., Dave O., John Sa., Warren W., Wes W., and Steve B. who also took these pix.

The rafters were nailed in position this day and almost all the strapping. Weather rain showers interrupted the work for short periods but were refreshing. Eugene B. and John S. also made four new target frames for Range #1 and one for the 200M range. Eugene also trimmed back a lot of brush concealing targets on Range #2. We ended up close to 6 p.m., which made it another long day.

We have already ordered the metal roof sheathing, which should arrive within two weeks, at which point we will have our last roofing work party.

One thing has become evident, many instances of wet weather like we experienced this summer would have been a lot easier to tolerate at the range with a waterproof roof overhead. And if it rains during a club event, at least soon we will have a dry area to use the BBQ and avoid soggy hamburger buns.

A gentle reminder that when putting up your targets, please fasten them well inside the framed area so that most bullet strikes will miss the actual wood frames. The plastic covering is easy to replace, but the wood frames take a fair amount of work and expense to replace.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

John Sa., Wes,
and Terry ready
spacing jigs
For string we
use Terry's
knitting supplies
Wes positions
a spacing
jig to start
Action begins
slowly and
as the lads
get used to
their tasks
Much nicer
working in
sunny periods
Eugene and John
start building
new frames
and install
them on
pistol range
Precision is
very much
their goal
as frames
are solidly
and here
is the
Eugene cleared
a lot of brush
on Range #2
John Gi. takes
advantage of
the berm here
Don and John
are on
the beam
John Gi. is
Don aligns
the last
few rafters
Terry hands
John Gi. more
Dana makes
careful cuts
on strapping
Dave O. is
very quick
and precise
Terry, Don, Dave
working after
a short rain
Pretty in
the afternoon

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Today needed over 10 hours of work -- making and situating one final rafter, putting on fascia boards (pressure-treated and heavy!) and finishing roof strapping; and applying steel tie-downs to the rafters, before finally hoisting the 24.5 foot long steel roof sheets and fastening them down with screws applied along every metal ridge. A very busy time under an uncharacteristically blazing sun and hot day -- rare this summer.

Starting at 08:30 a.m. and working all day were Dana C., Terry D., Glenn H., Don K., John Sa., Wes W., Warren W., and Steve B. who also took some pix. Three other folks were kind enough to come out after their daytime jobs and pitch in to help finish the project: Bob J, Dave V., and Dale Z. Everyone's help this day, and throughout the project, was very much appreciated.

Needless to say, after three years the hardy band of volunteers on this particular range project are very happy it is finally over :-)

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Wes and John
cutting parts
for rafter
scabbing to
make rafter
This one
is really
it into
its place
Glenn, Dana,
and Warren
cut strapping
while Terry
and Wes
apply it
some end
Glenn and Wes
pause for
some macrame
Don applies
steel straps
for rafter
Glenn and John
secure strap
to fascia
while Wes
secures the
other end
Raising fascia
board for low
end of roof
Affixing it
while tweaking
rafter ends
is very much
a necessity
Final prep
roof panel
First 58 lb.
panel being
raised up
lots of
First panels
some shade
very much
during break
Dale, Dave, Bob
arrive and
pitch in
The finish
is in
sight now
and the last
roof panel
is positioned
Tables are
put back

Kakabeka Falls Gun Show -- Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gun Show Visitors

This event was held by NOSA with assistance from GMK Armoury Specialties. This annual one-day Gun Show featured the opportunity for the public to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories. A fine kitchen service was run by Legion staff.

Location: Kakabeka Falls Legion on Highway 11/17 a couple of minutes East of that town, or about 15 minutes West of Thunder Bay. Show Hours for the Public were 09:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission was $3.00, and free for those under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

NOSA had an information display about our Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports including our Junior Shooters Program. This show provides some of the annual funding for the Juniors. Two dedicated Junior Shooters, Cassidy J. and Aryanna M., staffed the club table throughout the Saturday show. Bravo!

Naturally this event required a happy band of volunteers on Friday evening for setup, and on Saturday before, during and after the event. Our adult good folks working with the direction of organizers Glenn H. and Dan G., were Merv A., Trapper-John A., Dana C., Don M., Bob M., Ray M., Gord S., Warren W., John Y., and Steve B. who also took these pix.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Friday 23 Aug
and setup
has begun
Bob, Gord, Don
enjoy a
quiet spell
Warren, Dan, John
in discussion
with Gord
Bob, Glenn, Dan
the plan
Gord learned
to keep an
eye on camera
June helps
Judy prepare
their goodies
Fred covers
as we're
nearly done
Saturday finds
Bob and Glenn
staffing entry
Cassidy J. and
Aryanna M. run
our NOSA table
Jesse and June
enjoy last
quiet moments
9 a.m. and
the show
Peter has
some fine
custom knives
The girls
their crafts
Albert observes
Warren checking
Jesse's site
Susan told me
to film Wes
chatting here
Stan & Wayne K.
are always
with us
Vast assortment
of true antique
Jeff B. provides
many mini
history lessons
Yes the ladies
take a keen
interest too
Wayne observes
Len engaging
a customer
There were some
very reasonably
priced firearms
Lisa, George, Rick
chat -- unaware
of camera guy
A bit quieter
after lunch but
still selling well
Wade enjoys
with visitors

Trappers Association Turkey Shoot at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 8 Sept 2013

Image of turkey

This Northwestern Fur Trappers Association Shoot was held at the Nolalu Range from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. There were a great many excellent prizes.

Trapper-John A. ran the shooting activities, assisted by Warren W. and a goodly number of volunteers from the trappers' families.

Members of NOSA and the public were welcome to enter these paper target shooting events for rimfire and centerfire rifles, and our members won a fair number of the prizes. Of course Susan C. outshot her brother Wray C., while Steve B. took some pix, including one of Susan stalking hubby Wes with her own camera.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Folks have
gathered for
a shoot
on a gorgeous
sunny day
in September
with many
fine prizes
to be won
Trapper-John A.
calls the
next relay
and they
John issues
his safety
advance to
place targets
as Susan
Wes' progress
Ready, and
fire in
own time
and later
their targets
to hand
in for
New roof
some shade

Moose (or Deer) Sight-In Session at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 15 Sept 2013

Moose image

This service for the public was held at the Nolalu Range from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It was hosted jointly by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and NOSA.

An MNR representative, Conservation Officer Ross Johnston, was on hand to answer questions about hunting regulations.

Gerry K. provided free assistance with scope mounting and bore sighting. Other NOSA member volunteers were available to assist individuals needing help with the actual sighting in process, and included: Jeff B., Dana C., Barry E., Glenn H., Bob J., Don K., Verner K., Don M., Bob M., Kevin S., and Warren W., while Steve B. took some pictures.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Getting ready
under our
new roof
Gerry adjusts
sights, iron
or scopes
Bob J. helps
on the
25M range
while Dana (R)
does spotting
for shooter
Jeff B. is
a shooter
Next they
go to the
100M range
Bob M.
and then
Barry (L) and
Verner (seated)
Warren W. (R)
helps retrieve
100M targets
all day

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 20 Sep 2013 through End Apr 2014

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
    Wednesday 25 September 2013 for the Junior Shooters, and
    Friday 20 September 2013 for the Adult Members.

Junior Shooters have all non-holiday Wednesday evenings and Adults have all non-holiday Friday evenings until the end of April 2014. (There is sometimes an extension in May.) Timings are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

NOSA Club Appreciation Shoot and BBQ at Nolalu Range -- Sunday, 29 Sept 2013

Image of paper target

This shoot for all NOSA club members, including Junior Shooters, began at 11:00 a.m with shooting events, and there was a BBQ at lunch time under Bob M.'s skillful hand. Food and beverages (delicious, but never fattening ;-) were provided free by NOSA.

This annual event was in appreciation of the volunteerism and support shown by all members, whether at special events or just in the day to day help provided to others.

Trapper-John A. gathered prizes, organized the shooting events, and marked all the targets. Competitions included rimfire and centerfire handguns and rifles. (Although black powder firearms could have participated in the centerfire events, no smokepoles were present.)

The complete absence of folks wanting to shoot the benchrest class of rifles at 300M was noted; next time we will have increased competitions for the much more popular rimfire rifles.

The weather was warm and completely sunny. A perfect day for late September. And much appreciated by the family members attending. One guest shooter, who was the person furthest from home, was Sarah from Brazil. Thanks to John H., she and some other guests were keen participants in this fun day. Hopefully we will see some of them as new members.

Banacek took all the usual candid/sneaky pix here -- with the exception of Bill K.'s contribution: the end photo of Jeff doing his re-enactment of Enemy At The Gate.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Warren using
an old .303
at 300M
Bob firing,
son Jarrett
Jeff B.
sights in
a .22RF
A bike
a long walk
More sighting
in before
a match
Lots of
interest in
by John H.'s
keen group
Dana surveying
master cook
Bob's skills
Aryanna M.
in careful
Gord S. is
active in
all venues
The moment of
truth as targets
are retrieved
for a tasty
lunch break
The lads are
serious here
Barry E. with
a .284 necked
down to 6 mm.
where bullets
must soon go
Tom, Brooklynn,
Ivan, and Kris
are all pals
John H. advises
Sarah where
her shots hit
and she takes
care to
Avery (center)
and Owen take
their turn
Don M. also
loves those
Portrait of
a happy
family outing
Jeff "Zaitsev"
& Mosin Nagant
sniper rifle

Junior Shooters Halloween Shoot -- Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013

Pumpkin Picture

There was a Halloween Shoot for the Junior Shooters on Wednesday, 30 October starting at 7:00 p.m.

As always there were fine prizes and lots of goodies and a fun evening.

Our sincere thanks to the parents and volunteers who helped at this event. Don M. kindly provided the following pictures.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Junior Shooters Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013

Image of paper target

This annual December holiday season Junior shoot started at 7 p.m. as usual. And as always happens, there were some great prizes, and also delicious goodies on which to munch.

Our thanks to Bob J. for running the match, all the parents for helping, Gerry K. for the refreshments, and the Executive for their support. Results were provided by Bill K. and photos were taken by Cheryl M.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:

Under 10 Bingo targets: Brady 8 (102), Austin N 6 (85), Damon 8 (83).

Seniors Bingo targets: Shelley-Anne 12 (118), Dylan 10 (101), Austin S 12 (94).

Under 10 Competition target: Julia W 6 (87/100), Keeley 7 (85/100), Brady F 8 (84/100).

Seniors: Cassidy 12 (72/100 winning the shoot-off tie breaker!), Aryanna 11 (72/100), Miranda 15 (62/100).

The Seniors had to shoot off-hand to score. Very tough competition!

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Adult Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Friday, 20 Dec 2013

Image of paper target

This annual December holiday season shoot was organized by Trapper-John A. and included events for CF handguns, .22 RF handguns, and .22 RF rifles.

One specified target (free) was provided for each competition category entered. NOSA provided prizes for first through third place in each event, and for one additional prize that was awarded to the aggregate shooter who did best overall. There were also two bingo consolation prizes of T Shirts kindly donated by Excalibur Motorcycles.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow:
RF Pistol Target: Li Y., Wes W., Kevin S.
RF Pistol Bingo: Don M., Tom S., Kevin S.
CF Pistol Target: Wes W., Kevin S., Bob J.
RF Rifle Target: Victoria H., Li Y., Don M.
RF Rifle Bingo: Don M., Gord S., Victoria H.
Grand Aggregate Winner: Don M.
Special Bingo Consolation Prizes: Margo D. and Phil H.

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2013

Our members are encouraged to submit their 2013 pix.

Our intrepid member Wayne S. has a new trail camera [ask him for details and how-to tips] and has just captured a fine picture of a pair of Bald Eagles.

Wes W. carried out two great adventures this year. First a bow hunt in Australia for a large antelope (no pix from that yet), and a return to the Canadian Arctic for a walrus hunt. Those pix we do have, along with a beautiful and curious Polar Bear coming near, close and personal. (Almost close enough to receive one of Wes' renowned punches to the nose.) To read the whole story, see the Member Ramblings web page.

Don M. sent in some trail camera pix of a curious Fisher in the woods behind his house. A Fisher is similar to a Pine Martin but much larger and heavier, with a male's length about 40 inches (1 metre). Next time perhaps Don can try to get a tape measure on it, preferably without getting bitten ;-) Don M. also sent in this photo of his fine bull moose.

Wayne S. found this image on his trail camera of a very lucky Bluejay. The camera was triggered by a diving raptor, which apparently aborted the attack. A following picture showed the Bluejay was okay. [The hawk and we all know that Bluejays are tough and not very tasty, unless slowly broiled in an orange sauce ;-]

Tom W. shared his deer hunt picture and this commentary: "Hi Steve here is my donation to the web page. There is no story behind it other than I have never been so excited on a animal in all my life, and it's not the biggest deer I have shot, go figure."

Don M. reported from his traditional (forty years now) annual deer hunt with his BIL in New York State. Don took this buck with one instant kill shot from a borrowed Model 94 in .30-30 Winchester with iron sights. (Proving again that fancy magnums are not necessary for a successful deer hunt by a skilled shooter, who practices beforehand with the rifle to be used.) Don repeated his success a few days later for a doe. And now you can read much more about Don's traditional deer hunts in an article he wrote for the Member Ramblings section of this website.

And for something completely different, see what strange people Terry D. photographed entering the woods behind his house.

Wayne S. kindly forwarded this great photo of one of his neighbouring Bald Eagles engaged in its own year end feast.

Ray M. provided some pix of deer bedded in snow on his property. One even had frost along its back.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Wayne S. pic,
Bald Eagle
Wes's huge bull
Walrus about
to dive away
About 3000
very heavy
Water so clear
you can see
the bear's paw
Don M.'s
photos of
a Fisher
as it
checks out
the area
Don M. with
a fine 2013
bull moose
Wayne's photo
of a very
lucky Bluejay
Tom W.
with his
2013 buck
Don M.'s
2013 buck
in NY State
and NY
deer country
Strange people
Terry D.'s land
Bald Eagle
Ray M. sent
some pix
of deer
on his
and one
had frost
on its back

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