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NOSA - New Ontario Shooters Association Crest

New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)
2015 Activities or Events and Pictures

Here find details of the 2015 shooting activities and related events at NOSA, the family-friendly Thunder Bay rifle and pistol shooting club. Events or subjects are in approximate date order (usually based on the earliest date if an activity is spread out).

This page is also intended to show some of our members' photos in club and related activities in and about Thunder Bay, Ontario -- or wherever our members travel for competitions or sport. We also feature some of their favourite wildlife photos. (See near bottom of this page.)

At the end of each calendar year, a particular year's activities and photos will still be available on its own NOSA page. For other years, see the top of the current Recent Activities webpage using the link at left.

If you have an objection to a particular image of yourself or your family member, send an email to the Webmaster and that image or the complete photo will be removed from the website.

All photos here are by Banacek unless otherwise credited.

Our current upcoming events are outlined on our Upcoming Activities webpage.

Click on any individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 19 Sep 2014 through 08 May 2015

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
--- on Friday, 19 Sep 2014 for Adult Shooters;
--- on Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 for Junior Shooters.

NOSA Gun Show in Murillo -- Saturday and Sunday, 7 & 8 March 2015

Gun Show Visitors

This annual two-day NOSA Spring Gun Show featured the opportunity for the public to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories. A food concession run by NOSA was also on site.

Location: Oliver Paipoonge Township Community Centre, 4569 Oliver Road, Murillo, Ontario.

Show Hours for the Public were Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Admission was $4.00 each day, and free for those under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

NOSA had an information display about our Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports including our Junior Shooters Program. This show provides some of the annual funding for the Juniors.

We appreciate the many NOSA volunteers who made this show a success. Trevor B. organized the event and Bob M. ran the kitchen with the assistance of Don K., Charlene K., Warren W. and Bob's grandson, Kaleb M. Helping with setup and admittance and teardown were most of the usual suspects including Trapper-John A., Merv A., Steve B. (who also took the pix here), Dana C., Barry E., John Gi., Dan G., George H., Bob J., Dave L., Jo-Anne L., Ray M., Tony M., Larry P., John Sa., Wayne Sm. and Gord S. The club information table was organized by Victoria H. and capably staffed by Cassandra C., Cassidy J., Kayla L., and Aryanna M.

Late Friday afternoon the troops gathered to bring out the folding tables and stacked chairs, arrange them, and then help the exhibitors haul in a few tons of goodies. George H. also kindly provided extra folding tables. Saturday and Sunday mornings started with Bob's super breakfasts, which are welcome highlights for each year. Saturday morning also had a bit of snow but the public was undeterred and turned out in large numbers. Sunday morning's crowd was lighter due to even more snow and the effects of the time change. And yes, a really good time was had by all.

CFO representatives Deb Bissonnette from Thunder Bay Police and April McKnight from the O.P.P. were there to capably advise the public about firearms legislation and licensing procedures. Their helpful information was greatly appreciated, and it is always a pleasure to have these smiling ladies present.

Of course this show could not have succeeded without the tremendous support of the vendors and exhibitors, most of whom have been with us for many years. Thank you indeed.

Door Prize Winners were: Colin B. -- Tipton caddy/cleaning rod (donated by GMK); Lee L. -- Camo shirt basket (donated by Northwoods Health Centre); Ryan B. -- Weaver tool set & rifle base (donated by NOSA); Bill Kr. -- Gift certificate (donated by Pizza Hut).

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Trevor passes
folding tables
out to Chris
Dan with
start of
tons of gear
John Gi.
tweaks table
Dan, Don, Bob
setting up
the kitchen
gear from
early arrivals
Now waiting
for more
who start to
trickle in
and set up
John and Bob,
after most
is ready
and our Club
table's well
Aryanna, Kayla
and Cassidy are
always here
Still early
but filling
up quickly
Barry confers
with CFO's
Deb and April
Now we're
starting to
get busy
April explains
the cards and
to appreciative
members of
the public
April and Deb
represent the
CFO proudly
Jo-Anne L. joins
Victoria H. and
the Juniors
A hearty lunch
is on all
folks' agenda
Charlene baked
pies for many,
but not me :-(
Warren, Charlene
Don and Bob
always smiling
Joe C. arranges
stacks of rare
ammo and books
Stan & Wayne
are regular
Rodney checks
with Albert
On Sunday
Cassandra C.
& girls & Bob
Our Juniors
are keen to
start again
Bud M. studies
Gord S. reads
Tim Ross is
a master
Easton joins
father Roy R.
at his table
Show is now
open again
for visitors
A future Junior
sleeps at the
NOSA table
Fred J. shows
a feature on
one rifle
Tim proclaims
"I made all
of these."
Some folks
are getting
a snack
while Roy and
Dale share
a laugh
Still fairly
quiet so
fellows chat
Merv A. listens
to Jeff B.'s
Rodney and
eye the camera
Spencer has
a vast
Joe C. looks
relaxed in
George H.
a bargain
Some of these
mags are hard
to find
Wade starts
packing up
late Sunday
Charlene says
put them
back here
Easton poses
as packing
gets in gear
Sad to see
a fun show
come to end

NOSA Annual General Meeting -- Sunday, 15 March 2015

Members at Club Meeting

NOSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at 1:00 p.m. at the Labour Centre at 929 Fort William Road. Refreshments and Bob M.'s chilli were enjoyed.

This AGM's agenda included presentation of the annual budget, discussion of club business, and the biennial election for all NOSA Executive positions. The current Executive stood again for their positions and were returned unopposed. Trevor B. volunteered to assist Glenn H. with events like gun shows.

There were several club memberships renewed before the meeting. Without 2015 membership renewal, any A.T.T. based upon membership in NOSA will be terminated shortly without further notice.

Victoria H. briefed us on the plan to field a Juniors' team for the next provincial championships. Expenses for the six Juniors and NOSA's two adult team leaders will be picked up by the province. Dave L. and Bill K. both spoke about the Juniors program. Dave also described the NOSA clothing that has been ordered by members; hats and another order of NOSA T-shirts and hoodies may occur later this summer, subject to demand.

Aryanna, Cassidy, Cassandra and Kayla described their own plan to raise money for NOSA at our August Kakabeka Falls Gun Show. Gotta admire the initiative of these capable young ladies.

Gerry K. proposed a committee to formalize administrative procedures for future table bookings at our gun shows, and will be joined by Victoria H. and Trevor B.

Terry D. noted that seamless eavestrough will be applied to our Nolalu Range #2 roof this summer. Approval was given to build a 10 by 10 foot shelter for our field supplies. Chris C. volunteered to assist Terry and also maintain the field bicycle used to speed up the changing of targets at 300 metres.

Trapper-John A. reminded us about the Adult Easter Shoot on Friday 10 April and that he expects to have an outdoor shoot at Nolalu in May (date TBA) to start the season. Bob J. volunteered to assist John with matches.

There was considerable discussion of how to make shooting relays more efficient on Fridays at Arnone Range. For the time being, subject to revision if there are problems, members are expected to utilize the firing points efficiently -- meaning be organized so you can safely start shooting soon after occupying a firing point, and reserve socializing until after leaving the firing area. Members are expected to self regulate their use of a position, meaning that if after 20 minutes you observe a backlog of shooters waiting outside, you yield your firing position (knowing you can probably return later in the evening when it becomes less busy).

Pix by Banacek.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Junior Shooters Easter Shoot -- Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Image of paper target

There was a traditional Easter shoot for the Juniors followed by a small party after the shoot.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results (provided by Victoria H.) follow:

Target Senior: Brenton, Kayla, Aryanna
Target Junior: Brady, Avery, Keeley

Bingo Senior: Kayla, Danae, Maddie
Bingo Junior: Avery, Courage, Cassandra

Our bunny is Carly, Age 5, the youngest shooter with the Junior Shooters this year -- shown after the Easter shoot in a photo by Bill K. The group pix were sent by Victoria H. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the volunteers who make these events a success.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Adult Easter Indoor Shoot -- Friday, 10 April 2015

Image of paper target

This annual Easter holiday season shoot included events for CF handguns, .22 RF handguns, and .22 RF rifles. All events were fired freehand (no support) and with targets at 20 metres. One specified target (free) was provided for each competition category entered.

There were prizes for first through third place in each event and several other mystery prizes. And having fun is the prize that everyone experienced. Our thanks to Bob J. and John A. for organizing a memorable event.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results and Mystery Prize (MP) where applicable follow:

RF Pistol Target: Don M., Cheryl M., Bob J., (MP) James F.
RF Pistol Bingo: Dave L., Tom S., Dana C.
CF Pistol Target: Don M., Dave L., Bob J., (MP) Dana C.
RF Rifle Target: Victoria H., Don M., James F., (MP) Chris C.
RF Rifle Bingo: Dana C., Victoria H., Siiri F.

NOSA Outdoor Shooting at Nolalu Range -- 01 May Through 31 Oct 2015

The spring to fall outdoor shooting schedule began at our Nolalu Range on Friday 01 May and will continue every week on NOSA Club Days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until Saturday 31 October 2015.

Thursdays, weather permitting, are normally the busiest days, with rimfire matches in the afternoon followed by general shooting and snacking into the evening.

Photos taken during formal NOSA outdoor shoots are grouped with the particular event. We also receive the occasional picture from a Nolalu Range regular outdoor shooting day in 2015, and they will be found here.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Gerry K. pix
on 07 May,
chasing bugs
followed by
on #1 Range
and on #2
Range as
summer begins

NOSA Junior Shooters End of Year Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Image of paper target

The Junior Shooters' End of Year Indoor Shoot included a shooting competition and prizes of club T-shirts and hats. Everyone had pizza and pop. A good time was had by all. Photos were kindly provided by Cheryl M.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Inaugural 2015 Nolalu Shoot -- Sunday, 10 May 2015

Image of paper target

A get-together and fun shooting day for all members (Adults and Juniors) started promptly at 10:00 a.m. As might be expected at this time of year, the weather was cold and windy and the wise folks brought parkas and gloves.

A bonus feature appreciated by all present was the heavy infill provided by George H. to tame the large mudhole that used to complicate our entry.

The shoot was very capably organized and directed by Bob J. This shoot contained more events than normal and succeeded due to careful planning. Bob was helped to set up by Gerry K. and then ably assisted by Trapper-John A. who obtained the prizes and scored, Jo-Anne L. who also helped score, Dave L. who efficiently directed the 25M range, Warren W. who carefully controlled the 100M relays, and George H. and Victoria H. who kindly provided rifles and great assistance for the Juniors present. Banacek took some pix.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow.

Rifle - 100M - .22 RF - Bull’s Eye - 5 Shots - Supported... Ron W - 47, Cheryl M - 46, Brian W - 45.
Rifle - 100M - CF - Bull's Eye - 5 Shots - Supported... Don M - 48, Ron W - 47, Brian W - 45.
Rifle - 100M - .22 RF - Best Group - 10 shots - Supported... Ron W - 1" 7/16, Cheryl M - 1" ½, Bob J - 1" 9/16.
Rifle - 100M - CF - Best Group - 5 Shots - Supported... Ron W - 7/16", Brian W - ¾", Don M - 1" 1/8.
Rifle - 100M - CF - Best Group - 5 Shots - Freehand... Don M - 5 shots 4" 1/16, Tie by Brian W and Bob J - 4 shots in 6" ¾.
Rifle - 25M - .22 RF - Bull's Eye - 10 Shots - Freehand... Li Y - 86, Dom M - 77, Brian W - 72.
Handgun - 25M - CF - Bull's Eye - 10 Shots - Freehand... Li Y - 64, Don M - 55, Bob J - 50.
Handgun - 25M - .22 RF - Bull’s Eye - 10 Shots - Freehand... Li Y - 86, Bob J - 77, Don M - 71.
Handgun - 25M - .22 RF - Bingo - 5 Shots - Freehand... Li Y - 61, Ron W - 30, Dana C - 28.
Junior Rifle - 25M - .22 RF - Bull’s Eye - 10 Shots - Freehand... Aryanna M - 65, Victoria T - 62, Brenton T - 60.
Junior Rifle - 25M - .22 RF - Bingo - 5 Shots - Freehand... Kayla L - 69, Sasha T - 55, Victoria T - 44.

Targets for Adults were sold at $1 each and Junior targets were free.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Kakabeka Falls Gun Show -- Saturday, 22 August 2015

Gun Show Visitors

This annual one day event was held by NOSA. A kitchen was run by Legion staff.

Show Hours for the Public were 09:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission was $4.00, and free for those under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

This year we had a record attendance for this particular August show of 437 adults, and sales were particularly good for most vendors. Several new vendors, some from as far away as Vermilion Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, were made welcome. Some of their businesses have already been added to our Useful Links webpage, clickable in the column at left.

As usual, these events depend for their success on the selfless contributions by our volunteers under the capable direction of Glenn H. who was everywhere helping out. Adult volunteers included Trapper-John A., Steve B. (who also took pix), Trevor B., Dana C., Chris C., Ryan G., Dan G., Bob J., Don K., Dave and Jo-Anne L., Tony M., Bob M., Ray M., Richard P., Gord S., and Warren W. Our Juniors ably staffing the NOSA club table (and enticing the crowd with delicious cupcakes and membership applications) included Cassandra C., Kayla L., Aryanna M., Kaleb M., Brenton T., Victoria T., and Mae W-G. (Why so many pix of the Junior Shooters -- because they kept adding new folks during the day.)

Our thanks to kind sponsors for contributing door prizes for the public: a $50 gift certificate from Pizza Hut -- and a Gun Butler and supplies from GMK Armouries. A Coleman propane stove was also given by NOSA as a door prize.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

On Friday
folks gather
to help set up
Ray and George
on a rare
break (hah)
Glenn & Trevor
point out
next tasks
John S. and
wife are very
Juniors start
to organize
club table
and all
Kaleb, Bob,
and Trevor
pitch in
Something new
has been
added here
Jamie (right)
is a master
is getting
Spencer was
first vendor
to arrive
On Saturday
Stan & Wayne
are ready
Matt & Mike
from M2 Sales
& Consignment
Jo-Anne L. with
Kayla, Aryanna,
& Cassandra
Bud chats
with folks
as show opens
Getting busier
now and soon
breaks record
Bob parting
with hard
earned cash
Joe is always
laid back
and happy
GMK has a
long table
of bargains
Jeff is our
history and
BP expert
Rick G. of
L.A.R. Arms
always here
Jamie Black of
Black & Tan
Show stays
busy all
day long
are the future
of this sport
Folks keep
coming in
and buying
guns, knives
and misc.
gear :-)
Ladies love
this hobby
too :-)
Looks like
Gerry's pals
are here also
Victoria T. &
Brenton T. (back)
& Mae (L) join
Victoria H. says
goodbye before
flying to U.K.
Jesse B. &
mother Nancy
are fine folks
Gary of Northern
Gun Works in
Vermilion Bay
Yes, all the
usual suspects
are here ;-)
Mae's father,
Ryan, is to
her right
Tony (in black)
observes the
show count
Time to
pack up
in earnest
and the
tables are
getting bare
Spencer, first
here and last
to depart

Trappers Association Turkey Shoot at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 13 Sep 2015

Image of turkey

This Northwestern Fur Trappers Association Shoot was held on Sunday 13 September at the Nolalu Range from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There were some very good prizes awarded.

Trapper-John A. was ably assisted by Warren W. in running the matches.

Members of NOSA (Juniors as well as Adults) and the public were welcome to enter these paper target shooting events for rimfire and centerfire rifles. If you look through the pix taken by Banacek, you will see some trappers and their families, as well as some of the members from NOSA.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 18 Sep 2015 through 13 May 2016

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
--- on Friday, 18 Sep 2015 for Adult Shooters;
--- on Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015 for Junior Shooters.

Moose (or Deer) Sight-In Session at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 20 Sep 2015

Moose image

This service for the public was held on Sunday, 20 September at the Nolalu Range from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It was jointly hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and NOSA.

Public participation was a bit light this year at 24 folks, perhaps due to the reduced moose population and thus fewer moose tags available. One encouraging observation was that several couples turned up to shoot. And we got to meet a new NOSA couple, Tom and Katy H. -- Welcome!

Our thanks to MNRF representative, Conservation Officer Marco Grigio, who was on hand to answer questions about hunting regulations. Our appreciation also to NOSA member volunteers: Trapper-John A., Jeff B., Trevor B., Dana C., Barry E., Glenn H., Verner K., Don M., Bob M., and Warren W. who were available to assist individuals with the actual sighting in process. Gerry K. kindly provided some very necessary gunsmithing support. And Banacek took some pix.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

The lads are
ready to
with final
done now
Jeff B.
demo's BP --
Bug Proofing
Our first
guests start
at 25 Metres
Marco checks
BP off his
bucket list
Still a bit
slow early
in the day
100M range
is starting to
see action
A walk to
Don spots
for scope
His Savage
99 getting
on target
as is her
pump action
while Dana
does her
Warren gives
tips for a
classic .303
which is
getting a
Lots more
folks now
at 100M
while execs
confer on
Range #1
Even more
folks have
Barry tests
target CZ
in .308 Win
and Don also
gives it a
good tryout
Another couple
shooting on
Range #1
which is
positive for
this sport

NOSA Club Appreciation Shoot and BBQ at Nolalu Range -- Sunday, 04 Oct 2015

Image of paper target

This shoot for all NOSA club members, including Junior Shooters, began at 10:00 a.m with shooting events, and there was a BBQ at lunch time which actually carried on all day. Food and beverages were provided free by NOSA.

This annual event was in appreciation of the volunteerism and support shown by all members, whether at special events or just in the day to day help provided to others.

Volunteerism was also evident here by the folks who helped run the events. Bob J. was in charge overall and hardly ever had to use his bull-horn. One family was completely involved, as Dave L. ran the 25M events while Jo-Anne administered the targets with some assistance from Kayla, and Trapper John A. helped score. Warren W. ran the centerfire ranges. Our very capable chef Bob M. handled the BBQ, with some help from Don M. while Bob was shooting. Gerry K. was on hand to resolve any gunsmithing issues. And Banacek took the pix below.

Events included rimfire (RF) and centerfire (CF) handguns and rifles. Black Powder (BP) firearms were eligible to participate in the centerfire events so long as they followed the time limits as set out below.

Two events were reserved for Junior Shooters (and for these 2 events, rifles were provided by NOSA for those Juniors who do not have their own). Juniors were also welcome to participate in any other event, and those interested were able to use a suitable firearm under supervision.

Some bonus events involved balloons placed on the pistol range for the Juniors to burst with .22 handguns (yes under supervision) and they did very well indeed. Other balloons were placed on the target backboards at 200M and 300M to be targeted for fun after all the regular events were completed.

There were strict time limits for each regular event of 10 minutes for target change and 20 minutes to complete a particular target.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow.

(1) Rifle 100M .22RF 5 shots Bull's-eye Supported... George H - 49, Ron W - 47, Barry E - 46
(2) Rifle 100M .22RF 10 shots Group Supported... Barry E - 1"3/8, Ron W - 1"7/16, George H - 1"13/16
(3) Rifle 100M CF 5 shots Bull's-eye Supported... Ron W - 50 xxxx, Cheryl M - 50x, Wes W - 47xx
(4) Rifle 100M CF 5 shots Group Supported... Ron W - ½", Barry E - 9/16", Wes W - ¾"
(5) Rifle 100M CF 5 shots Group Freehand... Gordon S - 8" 5/8, Ron W - 9" 5/8, Bob J - 4 shot group of 9" 5/8
(6) Handgun 25M .22RF 10 shots Bull's-eye Freehand... Wes W - 80, Bob J - 74, Dana - 54
(7) Handgun 25M .22RF 5 shots Bingo Freehand... Jo-Anne L - 38, Bob J - 26, Dana C - 23
(8) Handgun 25M CF 10 shots Bull's-eye Freehand... Wes W - 65, Sue C - 64, Dana C - 62
(9) Rifle 25M .22RF 10 shots Bull's-eye Freehand... Wes W - 79, Gordon S - 75, Ron W - 70
(10) Jr Shooters Rifle 25M .22RF 10 shots Bull's-eye Freehand... Kayla L - 72, Aryanna M - 67, Cassidy J - 59
(11) Jr Shooters Rifle 25M .22RF 5 shots Bingo Freehand... Kayla L - 65, Cassidy J - 59, Brenton T - 39
(12) Special shoot for muzzleloader BP rifles... Jeff B - 1 shot on target

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Junior Shooters Halloween Shoot -- Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pumpkin Picture

There was a Halloween Shoot for the Junior Shooters on Wednesday, 28 October. As always there were fun shooting events and lots of goodies. Results were kindly provided by Dave L., who was assisted at the event by Jo-Anne L. and many helpful parents. Our thanks to all that participated.

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow.

Under 10 years:
10 Shot Target: Brady 90xxx, Cassandra 82xxx, David 82xx
5 Shot Bingo Target: Cassandra 145, River 104, David 91
5 Shot Mystery Bat Target: Carly

Over 10 Years:
10 Shot Target: Kayla 74xx, Mae 52x, Austin 21
5 Shot Bingo Target: Avery 198, Kayla 122, Mae 84
5 Shot Mystery Bat Target: Austin

NOSA Junior Shooters' Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 16 Dec 2015

Image of paper target

The Junior Shooters had a Christmas Match on December 16. Event results and details were kindly reported here by Dave L. Initial photography was provided by Don M. until his camera gave up, and Jo-Anne L. stepped in with a cell phone to record the prize giving.

Click on all the images here to see an expanded or larger view.

Xmas party snacks

We gratefully thank the Volunteers who helped set up and clean up as well as supervise and score the event: Dave L., Jo-Anne L., Kayla L., George H., Bob M., Bob J., Don M., and Chris C. A big thanks to Gerry K. who provided the beverages. Jo-Anne and Kayla baked and decorated cupcakes, as well as made Christmas Gift Boxes (click on photo collage at left) for everyone to take home. 11 Juniors attended and everyone received a prize. The prizes were looked after by Bob M., Jo-Anne, and Kayla.

And the Juniors would like to say thank you to the Members and Executive for supporting them throughout the year, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Prizes are handed out

Each shooting category and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results follow.

11 & Under:
Competition Target: Brady 94 XXXX, River 81, Cassandra 78
Bingo Target: Brady 58, David 57, Carly 47

Senior Group:
Competition Target: Kayla 84X, Aryanna 81, Mae 62
Bingo Target: Avery 50, Aryanna 45, Shelly Anne 31

Mystery Reindeer Target Winners: Austin, David, Mae, & Kayla

NOSA Adult Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Friday, 18 Dec 2015

Image of paper target

Bob J. capably organized this annual December holiday season Adult Shoot, that included events for CF handguns, .22 RF handguns, and .22 RF rifles. John A's and Trevor B's assistance with set-up and scoring was very helpful and much appreciated.

One specified target (free) was provided for each competition category entered. There were prizes for first through third place in each event. And there were some mystery prizes. The club was very well represented as we had 26 participants.

The NOSA Executive's efforts in sourcing great prizes and their innovation in providing a very nice buffet were greatly appreciated.

Handgun 20M Centre Fire Bull's Eye 10 Shots Freehand
1st Terry D - 91 5X, 2nd Wes W - 91, 3rd Bob J - 88, Mystery Prize Chris L

Handgun 20M .22 Rim Fire Bull's Eye 10 Shots Freehand
1st Bob J - 94, 2nd Tom S - 91 1X, 3rd Don M - 91, Mystery Prize Susan C

Handgun 20M .22 Rim Fire Bingo 5 Shots Freehand
1st Tom S - 45, 2nd Warren W - 41, 3rd Terry D - 40

Rifle 20M .22 Rim Fire Bull's Eye 10 Shots Freehand
1st Ron W - 91, 2nd Mark W - 83, 3rd James F - 81

Rifle 20M .22 Rim Fire Bingo 5 Shots Freehand
1st Charlene K - 59, 2nd Chris L - 47, 3rd Jo-Anne L - 47

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2015

Our members are encouraged to submit their 2015 pix.

Cheryl M. proves that the .22RF CZ-452 rifle in the hands of a competent shooter is very much a contender.

Frequent contributor Wayne Sm. has continued to capture interesting pix of local wildlife, and here is a "smiling" and watchful Red Fox. Then he filmed a fine Black Bear, and enjoyed viewing a lovely morning mist. Later you get to see his spectacular November winter view of the Kam area (with a Canada Jay too close to focus).

William R. experienced a great hunting season with a large Whitetail Buck and also a fine Bull Moose.

Don M. took a couple of nice Whitetail Bucks near Murillo before heading to join brother Bill on the family farm in Grey County where he took a fine doe. He then took another doe in N.Y. State with a CZ .308 and enjoyed some terrific scenery.

Thanks to Jodi G. for sending us this photo of Healey G. with a fine Whitetail Buck taken in November just North of Emo. Healey is a crack shot and consistently successful hunter.

Bob M. proved he is pretty handy with a shotgun during a hunt for some Canada Geese.

Christopher L. took his fine Whitetail Buck with a crossbow in Kaministiquia, and proved a smart phone can provide a good photo.

Dave L. sent two photos of daughter Kayla, a Junior Shooter who demonstrated her expertise by taking these grouse the more difficult way, with a rifle. He then sent a photo of his 11 point Whitetail Buck taken with a crossbow, and then the antlers were mounted by Jamie Black of Black & Tan Taxidermy (contact info on our Useful Links webpage).

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Cheryl M.'s
fine target
with CZ-452
Wayne Sm. pic
of smiling
Red Fox
who is
ever very
Wayne Sm.
films a fine
Black Bear
Morning Mist
by Wayne Sm.
William R.
took a
large Buck
and also
this fine
Bull Moose
Don M. took
this couple
of Bucks
near Murillo
before heading
to family farm
and later
taking this
Doe in N.Y.
where the
leaves are
mostly down
but the
scenery is
Healey G. has
a fine
Whitetail Buck
Bob M. took
some plump
Canada Geese
Wayne Sm.'s
winter view
overlooking Kam
Chris L. took
his Buck with
a crossbow
Kayla L. proved
a fine shot,
taking these
Grouse with
a rifle
Dave L.'s Buck
was taken with
a crossbow
and then
mounted by
Jamie Black

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