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New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)
2017 Activities or Events and Pictures

Here find details of the 2017 shooting activities and related events at NOSA, the family-friendly Thunder Bay rifle and pistol shooting club. Events or subjects are in approximate date order (usually based on the earliest date if an activity is spread out).

This page is also intended to show some of our members' photos in club and related activities in and about Thunder Bay, Ontario -- or wherever our members travel for competitions or sport. We also feature some of their favourite wildlife photos. (See near bottom of this page.)

At the end of each calendar year, a particular year's activities and photos will still be available on its own NOSA page. For other years, see the top of the current Recent Activities webpage using the link at left.

If you have an objection to a particular image of yourself or your family member, send an email to the Webmaster and that image or the complete photo will be removed from the website.

All photos here are by Banacek unless otherwise credited.

Our current upcoming events are outlined on our Upcoming Activities webpage.

Click on any individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 21 Sep 2016 through 12 May 2017

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
--- on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016 for Junior Shooters;
--- on Friday, 23 Sep 2016 for Adult Shooters.

NOSA Gun Show in Thunder Bay -- Saturday and Sunday, 11 & 12 March 2017

Gun Show Visitors

This annual two-day NOSA Spring Gun Show featured the opportunity for the public to buy, sell, or trade: Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Collectors' Cartridges, Reloading Supplies, Optics, and Accessories at the Slovak Legion, 801 Atlantic Ave., Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 2S7 Canada. A Legion food concession was also on site.

Show hours for the public on 11 March were from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and on 12 March from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Admission for the Public was $5.00 each day, and free for those under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

NOSA had an information display about our Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports including our Junior Shooters Program. This show provides some of the annual funding for the Juniors.

On-site security was provided overnight on 10 and 11 March. There were about 70 tables available at a cost of $35.00 each. This particular show with about 1400 patrons nearly doubled the previous record attendance for shows at Murillo. The figure would likely have been higher except for a water-main break on Sunday morning that blocked the usual bridge and required a detour to get to the Legion. I suspect that folks who only knew the route over that primary bridge just gave up and went home. But such a water-main break is unfortunately one of the common features of springtime in Thunder Bay. Folks with a map or a GPS would have had no difficulty finding an alternative route.

We all appreciated the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the show organizers Trevor B. and Glenn H., and the many NOSA volunteers that staffed the club table and handled the various duties with good humour and courtesy and care. We also had enthusiastic help from the Canadian Firearms Office personnel, Deb Bissonette and April McKnight, providing technical firearms advice to the public. And we similarly appreciate enthusiastic support from the exhibitors and vendors, old friends and new, for making the show a success. Thank you all.

Following are some photos taken at the event, a very few by me using a cell phone since I was staffing a table. [Note to self: never ever use a cell phone again -- iffy results -- use a real camera!] Then thanks to Bill K. who provided some B&W photos to give some old-time atmosphere.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Friday setup
starts with
a bare room
Stan & Wayne
are early
regulars with us
More exhibitors
arrive and
get busy
but still
have a lot
more to do.
Saturday finds
Deb & April
from the C.F.O.
We have family
and friends
at many tables
Last minute
prep & chats
before open
Bill K. finds
Bob J. at a
safety display
GMK's booth
attends to a
growing crowd
NOSA's table
highlights our
club activities

NOSA Annual General Meeting -- Sunday, 19 March 2017

Members at Club Meeting

Location. NOSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the West Arthur Community Centre (located on Arthur St. W., on the south side of the street near the intersection with Mapleward Road). Refreshments were available.

This AGM's agenda included presentation of the annual budget, discussion of club business (including discussion and approval of the revised constitution), and the biennial election for all NOSA Executive positions. (Persons now elected to our Executive are listed on the Club Contacts webpage, and there is a link on the About Us page to a PDF copy of the approved constitution.)

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Junior Shooters Easter Shoot -- Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Image of paper target

Dave L. reports: "The Easter Shoot for 2017 was a great success for the Juniors with 16 participants total. The Juniors would like to thank the Executive and Membership for their support and funding the event as well as Gerry K. for providing refreshments for the after shoot party. Special thanks to the volunteers George H., Dave L, and Don M. running and organizing the Event; Don M. taking pictures for the website; Jo-Anne L. for scoring targets. Another special thanks to Jo-Anne L., Kayla L. and Samantha R. for baking; Jo-Anne L. and Kayla L. for organizing prizes and take home treats. Please have a safe and Happy Easter!!"

Results as follows:

10 & Under Target: 1st Xander 82x, 2nd River 80x

10 & Under Bingo: 1st River 52, 2nd Xander 29

11 & Over Target: 1st Kayla 93xxxx, 2nd Mliss 81, 3rd Jordan 75, 4th Mitchell 62

11 & Over Bingo: 1st Kevin 47, 2nd Avery 45, 3rd Jyrah 43, 4th Kayla 35

Bunny Mystery Prize: Austin, Eli, Heath, Keeley

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Junior Shooters End of Year Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Image of paper target

Dave L. reports: "It was a great wrap up Party last night for the Juniors with 19 Juniors in attendance. This was more of a fun occasion, having a balloon shoot for both Rifle and Hand Gun.

The Juniors and I would like to thank Gerry (GMK) for providing party refreshments, Jo-Anne and Kayla for baking cupcakes for desert, as well as the Executive for providing Pizza and Medals. Every Junior last night was given a Medal for their participation with the NOSA Juniors Organization, and they all have come a long way; some have been with the club for quite a long time and we currently have several new shooters.

I would like to say thanks for all the hard work and dedication to several of the parents as well as Don and George for being there every week in support of the Juniors, making Wednesdays an enjoyable experience over the years. I would also like to thank the Executive and Members for their support to help grow the Junior Program since this is my last year looking after the Juniors in a lead role.

Medals were presented to: Kayla, Cassidy, Jordan, Heath, Xander, Courage, Mliss, Austin, Sasha, Brenton, Avery, Mitchell, Kevin, Hayden, Keeley, Mae, Alissa, Breanne, and Jyrah.

I hope everyone has a safe and great summer !!!"

Photos were taken by Don M.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Kakabeka Falls Gun Show -- Saturday, 19 August 2017

Gun Show Visitors

This annual one day event was held by NOSA at the Kakabeka Falls Legion on Highway 11/17. A kitchen was run by Legion staff.

Show Hours for the Public were 09:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission was $4.00, and free for those under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

NOSA had an information display at the show about the NOSA Club, and our activities promoting the shooting sports including our Junior Shooters Program.

The NOSA Executive thanks all the participants and volunteers who made this show a success. Photos by Banacek.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

On Friday folks
move tables
to the plan
and start
setting up
their displays
Joe arranges
goods by
model type
Stan & Wayne
are always
at our shows
Easton & Roy
check out
another display
Merv visits
Albert and
On Saturday
it's 40 minutes
to opening
Family and
friends work
Doug at table
for TBDF&G
Lots to see
and ask for
more info
Now this one
looks pretty
good to Ryan
"Yes it does
have a
perfect bore"
More folks
have entered
the show
Sue confirms
that it's a
real bargain
Stan provides
expert info
about wares
Rodney jokes
with the
usual gang
while John
displays his
new hat
Yes even dogs
love attending
our shows
Vinnie & Karen
chat while
Wes calculates
Terry & Dave
converse with
Gord and Fred
chat with
pal Bud
Lots of items
to interest
the ladies
But all too
soon the day
is over
and folks
pack up
to leave

NOSA Indoor Shooting at Arnone Range -- 20 Sep 2017 through 27 Apr 2018

The fall to spring indoor shooting schedule began at Arnone Range:
--- on Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017 for Junior Shooters;
--- on Friday, 22 Sep 2017 for Adult Shooters.

NOSA Club Appreciation Shoot and BBQ at Nolalu Range -- Sunday, 24 Sep 2017

Image of paper target

This shoot for all NOSA club members, including Junior Shooters, began at 10:00 a.m with shooting events, and there was a BBQ at lunch time. Food and beverages were provided free by NOSA. And the weather was overcast but fine.

This annual event was in appreciation of the volunteerism and support shown by all members, whether at special events or just in the day to day help provided to others. Shooting events were free to participate.

Our sincere thanks to Trapper-John A. for organizing the event and handling the scoring and prizes, and to Bob M. who was our master chef, and to the other folks who pitched in to help.

Shooting Matches
and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Results if applicable

Juniors 25M .22RF rifle bullseye target -- Jordan R., Eli S.
Juniors 25M .22RF rifle bingo target -- Eli S., Jordan R.

Adults 25M Centerfire handgun bullseye target -- Dana C., Dave L., Trevor B.
Adults 25M .22RF handgun bullseye target -- Dana C., Dave L., Mike H.
Adults 25M .22RF handgun bingo target -- George H., Dana C., Dave L.
Adults 25M .22RF rifle bingo target -- Barry E., Ron W., Warren W.

Adults 100M .22RF rifle 5-shot group size from bench -- Barry E. 7/8", Ron W. 1 5/8", George H. 1 11/16"
Adults 100M Centerfire rifle 3-shot group size from bench -- Barry E. 5/16", Ron W. 5/8", Trevor B. 1"

Bingo Mystery Prizes -- Jr rifle Jordan R.; Adult .22 HG Sam R.; Adult rifle John Gi.

Click on the individual images taken by Banacek to see a larger view.

Barry E. shoots
winning group
at 100M
while others
fire their
CF groups
Dana is wowed
by Bob's great
BBQ skills
Dave L. shows
proper form
with a .22LR
Jordan R. shows
steady nerves
with .22 pump
Trevor & Dave
during CF
pistol match
The truth is
found at the
100M targets
A neat rest
made by our
own Ron W.
who later is
on the 25M
with .22 rifle
while Barry
fires a
HG event
John G. favours
a single action
and so do many
Trapper-John A.
with many
targets to score

Moose (or Deer) Sight-In Session at Nolalu Shooting Range -- Sunday, 01 Oct 2017

Moose image

This service for the public hosted by NOSA was held on Sunday 01 October at the Nolalu Range from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

NOSA volunteers assisted individuals needing help with the actual sighting in process.

Members of the public who shot paid $5.00 for use of the range (this fee is used to cover the cost of insurance).

Victoria H. kindly provided the following photos.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Our 25M range
is used for
initial sighting
and results
are carefully
before making
Targets are
set at 100M
for more
precise changes
to sights
back at bench
Rear area
for gunsmith

Junior Shooters Halloween Party -- Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Pumpkin Picture

This year the Junior Shooters attended a fun Halloween party with goodies provided by NOSA, and Gerry K. kindly contributed the beverages.

NOSA Juniors Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017

Image of paper target

This annual December holiday season event involved some target shooting. As always, there were prizes and goodies and lots of fun.

Shooting Matches
and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Results:

Age 11 and under, bingo target: Jacques, Carson, Landon
Age 12 and up, bingo target: Kolten, Jordan, Alissa
Age 11 and under, competition target: Carson, Jacques, Landon
Age 12 and up, competition target: Jordan, Heath, Kolten

Our thanks to Samantha D-R. for taking the following photos, and for Dave L.'s assistance.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

NOSA Adult Christmas Indoor Shoot -- Friday, 22 Dec 2017

Image of paper target

This annual December holiday season shoot included events for CF handguns, .22 RF handguns, and .22 RF rifles.

One specified target (free) was provided for each competition category entered, with prizes for first through third place for each event. There was also a mystery special prize in each competition.

Shooting Matches
and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Results plus Special Prize:

CF Handgun: Bob J., Don K., Wray C., Dana C.
RF Handgun Bullseye: Bob J., Dana C., Wray C., Dave L.
RF Handgun Bingo: Dana C., Dave O., Mark W., Don K.
RF Rifle Bullseye: Mark W., George H., Ron W., Dana C.
RF Rifle Bingo: George H., Dana C., Dave O., Wray C.
Aggregate Overall Prize: Dana C.

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2017

Our members are encouraged to submit their 2017 pix, including memorable wildlife photographs. Thank you all.

Wayne Sm. sent a couple of trail-cam photos of Whitetail Deer feeding on his remote hilltop. That Raven is impatiently awaiting his turn.

Wray C. sent a photo from his yard of Snowflake, a Red Squirrel that is pure white.

Bob M. is shown with a fine Wild Turkey from his annual spring hunt.

This Great Blue Heron regularly enjoys fishing along the Neebing River -- photo by Banacek.

Don M. sent this photo with his very nice Whitetail Buck.

Jordan R. has taken a fine Ruffed Grouse and shows us some of the characteristic markings including the barred tail. (When we are suddenly surprised by a Grouse's explosive departure, the tail is often all we ever get to see.)

Jodi G. sent some pix of a successful wildfowl hunt by John-Bryan G. and his good friends. And then a photo of John with a fine Whitetail Deer Buck, as well as one showing the early heavy snowfall in late October along Hwy 11 towards Fort Frances.

Jordan R. and Chris R. are pictured here with a fine 8-point Whitetail Deer Buck.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Some of Wayne's
Whitetail Deer
while a Raven
waits for
his turn
Wray's Pal
Snowflake - a
Red Squirrel
Bob M. with
his fine
Wild Turkey
taken during
his annual
spring hunt
Great Blue
Heron is
Don M. with
his very nice
Whitetail Buck
Jordan R. has
a fine Ruffed
Grouse to show
us some close
up details
the barred tail
which is often
all we'll see
Now just what
is John-Bryan
doing here?
Well it was
plucking ducks
that he and
his friends
had taken
and they
gathered then
for the
formal pix
John has a
fine Whitetail
Buck in hand
and experienced
heavy snows on
Hwy 11 to West
Jordan & Chris R.
with a very nice
8-point Buck

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