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NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts

Our members regularly engage in fishing and hunting and other outdoor adventures. Sometimes that may be very near home, or often it is throughout the rugged terrain and forests of Northwestern Ontario. Other hunts have been to the United States and Africa and Australia and New Zealand, as well as to the challenging far northern climes of the Yukon and the Canadian High Arctic.

Wherever our intrepid members go, taking a camera along is strongly encouraged. And many members spend the majority of their time outdoors not hunting but fishing and boating and hiking and trail biking and just enjoying the scenery and observing wildlife. Thanks to the good folks here for sharing.

This web page contains a summary of adventures and hunts reported over the years that were originally shown in each individual year's activities.

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2010

Stephen K. sent colourful pictures from his hunt with wife Barb in the Yukon early this fall -- see the full story in Member Ramblings at left. [The original rainbow picture was locally tweaked to peek into the shadows here -- yes we can be nosy ;-] Some memorable pix in an area we likely would never see otherwise.

Scott S. provided the picture of son Timothy with his first ever moose during a fly-in hunt north of Armstrong; a splendid specimen -- 54 in., 40 in. paddles, .308 TC Icon.

Bob M. sent pix of Rob's moose (3 total were taken) and hunting good buddies.

John-Bryan G. reports: "One of our Junior Shooters' Alumni shot her first moose this year. It was on October 11, 2010 at 9 a.m., a big cow at 155 yards. One shot, both lungs and the top of the heart. My daughter, Healey, has been shooting since she was 6 years old. Her first time with centrefire was at Nolalu when she was 9 years old, and today she has a passion for "big-bore" including her own short-mags, a 375 H&H and a 458 WM! Healey started with Junior Shooters about 10 years ago, and was in the club for several years. She has shot cowboy action and still shoots pistols and long-guns and probably shoots more centrefire in a year than most hunters do in a lifetime. She shot her first 2 deer when she was 15, and after moose hunting for 3 seasons, finally got her own moose! All have been 1 shot kills!"

Later on Healey G. went deer hunting near Fort Frances with dad John-Bryan. She was very successful (of course) and shot 3 deer. Dad had slightly fewer (zero).

Mark B. reports: "Here is a picture of Junior shooter Judah B.'s first moose. Judah is 12 years old and in his first year with the club. He shot his bull on November 16, 2010 at 300+ yards using a 30-06 with a 220 grain bullet."

Stephen K. also had a photo-only hunt for caribou to gather references for a commissioned painting. First is one photo of a trophy bull caribou. And then see the final oil painting titled: "Nomads of Finlayson-Caribou". The herd home map is courtesy the Yukon Fish and Wildlife co-management website.

Stephen K's
67 inch
Yukon moose
Our tent
at Yukon
base camp
into the
Ron our guide
Stephen's rifle
Barb, not
for gold
Unnamed lake
now is
Barb's Lake
Ron loading
Barb's pack
with game
Barb's Lake
Ron scouting
Timothy's first
moose - 54 inch
& dad Scott S.
Rob's hunt
with Bob M.
and friends
This is going
to take a
bit of effort
Gonna look
for some
rabbits now?
Healey's first
moose, a very
large cow
Healey needed
only one shot
as usual
With proud dad
John-Bryan who
encourages her
Good to have
many friends
to help carry
Healey also
hunted deer
in Fort Frances
Along with
her dad
This young
lady is
very good
Healey with
all three
that she took
Judah B. and
his first
bull moose
Stephen K.
photo hunt
for caribou
Stephen's oil
painting from
his adventure
Location of

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2011

Wes W. in April-May 2011 was in the Canadian high arctic to train guides amid some of the most beautiful and desolate scenes on earth. Wes later returned to the arctic for more teaching and shot a bull ring seal in June to feed the dog team. On a later trip in August Wes has some up-close and personal pix of polar bears (these ones did not have to be punched in the nose). Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. And when are you going to write that book?

Our fall hunting pix started off with Scott S.'s successful moose hunt north of Armstrong with three friends from Oregon. On 31 October Scott also got a large timber wolf at 412 yards with a 270 WSM.

John-Bryan G. wrote: "Built 3 box blinds on my friend's farm North of Emo. Next summer Healey and I are building 3 more! Nothing like hunting in style and comfort! I got no moose and no bucks this year, but saw well over a hundred deer in total. But Healey did well. How many just-turned-19 year olds can boast 8 deer and 1 moose to their credit in the past few years!!"

And the final pix are from a fall hunt by Chris C. and friends. There are more details to read in his article in the Member Ramblings section titled "A Memorable 2011 Deer Hunt in Northwestern Ontario".

Wes W. in
Now that's
a very BIG
ice cube
Wes on
his arctic
Wes takes bull
seal with .223
for dog team
Wes finds
a polar bear
in the fog
An even closer
look at
a bruin
Scott S.
at left with
Oregon friends
Scott with
timber wolf
and 270 WSM
John-Bryan G.
pix of the
three hunting
box blinds
he built
near Emo on
a friend's
They are
well built
and do
look very
Healey G.
(as always)
and here
is another
fine deer
does her
own hauling
A very capable
young lady
A fine calf
from Chris C.'s
hunting party
and here is
his own
8-point buck
along with
a very happy
Chris C.

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2012

Early last year Wes W. was in the Canadian High Arctic. This year he went with Sue C. on a big game safari in Africa. Once again, thanks for sharing your fine pictures. For their great story and exciting details, see the Member Ramblings section.

And Wes returned this summer to Nunavut for a walrus hunt. For more details, again see the Member Ramblings section.

Thanks to Bob M. for providing some fine pix from his fall moose hunt, where he acquired a large 3 year old bull at 330 yards with his .338 Win Mag using a 225 grain Nosler Partition bullet in a handload.

Don M. was happy to provide pix of this year's deer hunt, and in his own words: "I finally found a grown-up one."

Roy R. set up a trail camera (in a secret location of course) before the hunting season and got more than 200 pictures, including a rarely seen Canada Lynx. We also received pix of Roy and his hunting buddy Daryl H. with a very fine buck.

Warren W. kindly provided a summer picture of Willy L.'s hunting camp (nicely outfitted with warehouse and sauna), before their successful fall deer hunt featuring Trapper-John A. and Willy in the accompanying pix.

Wes' pal asks
"You lookin'
at me?"
Shooting sticks
and a neat
Sue C. and
her large
Wes is not
to be
trifled with
Wes was afloat
in dangerous
ice floes & fog
Bearded Seal
is whiskered
and wary
Bob M.'s hunt
for moose
in 2012
with base
camp on a
quiet lake
and a cabin
peaking from
the woods
seen here
Bob's .338 Mag
resting on his
bull rack
while the
meat is hung
to cool
Scenic views
into forest
in the area
are complex yet
peaceful with a
dusting of snow
while the
lake shows
small waves
on a fairly
autumn day
Don M.'s 2012
hunt was a
fine success
with this
A great day
for Don to
Roy R. caught
a pic of a
reclusive Lynx
and in the
2012 hunt a
very fine buck
shown also with
hunting buddy
Daryl H.
Now there are
two very
happy hunters
Willy L.'s camp
resting up
for the fall
Trapper-John A.
and a
fine deer
Willy L.
and John
at work

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2013

Our intrepid member Wayne S. has a new trail camera [ask him for details and how-to tips] and has just captured a fine picture of a pair of Bald Eagles.

Wes W. carried out two great adventures this year. First a bow hunt in Australia for a large antelope (no pix from that yet), and a return to the Canadian Arctic for a walrus hunt. Those pix we do have, along with a beautiful and curious Polar Bear coming near, close and personal. (Almost close enough to receive one of Wes' renowned punches to the nose.) To read the whole story, see the Member Ramblings web page.

Don M. sent in some trail camera pix of a curious Fisher in the woods behind his house. A Fisher is similar to a Pine Marten but much larger and heavier, with a male's length about 40 inches (1 metre). Next time perhaps Don can try to get a tape measure on it, preferably without getting bitten ;-) Don M. also sent in this photo of his fine bull moose.

Wayne S. found this image on his trail camera of a very lucky Bluejay. The camera was triggered by a diving raptor, which apparently aborted the attack. A following picture showed the Bluejay was okay. [The hawk and we all know that Bluejays are tough and not very tasty, unless slowly broiled in an orange sauce ;-]

Tom W. shared his deer hunt picture and this commentary: "Hi Steve here is my donation to the web page. There is no story behind it other than I have never been so excited on a animal in all my life, and it's not the biggest deer I have shot, go figure."

Don M. reported from his traditional (forty years now) annual deer hunt with his BIL in New York State. Don took this buck with one instant kill shot from a borrowed Model 94 in .30-30 Winchester with iron sights. (Proving again that fancy magnums are not necessary for a successful deer hunt by a skilled shooter, who practices beforehand with the rifle to be used.) Don repeated his success a few days later for a doe. And now you can read much more about Don's traditional deer hunts in an article he wrote for the Member Ramblings section of this website.

And for something completely different, see what strange people Terry D. photographed entering the woods behind his house.

Wayne S. kindly forwarded this great photo of one of his neighbouring Bald Eagles engaged in its own year end feast.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Wayne S. pic,
Bald Eagle
Wes's huge bull
Walrus about
to dive away
About 3000
very heavy
Water so clear
you can see
the bear's paw
Don M.'s
photos of
a Fisher
as it
checks out
the area
Don M. with
a fine 2013
bull moose
Wayne's photo
of a very
lucky Bluejay
Tom W.
with his
2013 buck
Don M.'s
2013 buck
in NY State
and NY
deer country
Strange people
Terry D.'s land
Bald Eagle

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2014

Our intrepid member Wayne Sm. has continued using his trail camera to capture many pix of local wildlife, and also his regular camera and sometimes a telephoto lens.

Another fine photographer-member is Don M. who captured pix of two Lynxes just behind his country home. A smaller Lynx has just watched mom kill a Snowshoe Hare (aka Snowshoe Rabbit) and then followed her back into the woods.

In the fall Don M. and brothers Steve, Bob, and Bill went on a Mule Deer hunt in southeastern Alberta where it is very difficult to get close.

John Sc. photographed his Whitetail Deer buck taken in mid November, and also took a photo of another curious deer later while he was dropping off some feed.

Chris C. went on a Whitetail Deer hunt in November with friend Richard B., who got his very first buck while Chris got a 9-pointer. More can be read about this hunting tale in the Member Ramblings section [link in left column].

John-B G. took this photo of daughter Healey who got her buck with one shot at 25M. (And we know this fine shooter and experienced hunter could have done equally well at 250M.)

Wayne S.'s trailcam took this picture 30 minutes before he arrived with rifle, but the fine buck had gone. 10-pointer with one broken tine.

Gerry K. found that their bird feeders attracted an unusual species. Need a lot of bird feed for that crew.

A curious Pine Marten came within 10 feet of Wayne S. Note the light, sometimes white, area under the throat that is characteristic of many Pine Martens, and helps distinguish them from the roughly double sized Fisher.

William R. provided photo proof of a very successful Whitetail Deer hunt.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Wayne Sm. pic,
of female
Pine Grossbeak
Wayne Sm.
trail cam pix
of Wolves
near his
Don M. took pix
of this Lynx
behind his home
Here we can
better see the
typical ear tuft
while mom (Rt.)
is carrying the
Snowshoe Hare.
Wayne's shy
Mourning Dove
poses for us
and some Deer
that made it
thru winter
a later
Wayne's two
Canada/Gray Jays
aka Whiskey Jacks
and this one
is full of
cat food
Red Fox
is always
as it
some dinner
Yes they can
see the
Deer family
having a
lunch break
Don M. with a
fine Mule Deer
buck in Alberta
where it is
very open and
hard to stalk
John Sc. took
this Whitetail
buck in Nov
and also filmed
another curious
deer nearby
Chris' friend Richard B.
is happy with his
first Whitetail buck
And here is
the beautiful
taken by Chris C.
who looks very
pleased indeed
Healey G. took
a nice buck at
25M with one shot
Wayne S.'s camera
saw this buck
before he arrived
Gerry K.'s feeders
attracted more than
the usual birds
Pine Marten came
within 10 feet
of Wayne S.
William R.
has a very
fine buck
and doe from
his Whitetail
Deer hunt

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2015

Cheryl M. proves that the .22RF CZ-452 rifle in the hands of a competent shooter is very much a contender.

Frequent contributor Wayne Sm. has continued to capture interesting pix of local wildlife, and here is a "smiling" and watchful Red Fox. Then he filmed a fine Black Bear, and enjoyed viewing a lovely morning mist. Later you get to see his spectacular November winter view of the Kam area (with a Canada Jay too close to focus).

William R. experienced a great hunting season with a large Whitetail Buck and also a fine Bull Moose.

Don M. took a couple of nice Whitetail Bucks near Murillo before heading to join brother Bill on the family farm in Grey County where he took a fine doe. He then took another doe in N.Y. State with a CZ .308 and enjoyed some terrific scenery.

Thanks to Jodi G. for sending us this photo of Healey G. with a fine Whitetail Buck taken in November just North of Emo. Healey is a crack shot and consistently successful hunter.

Bob M. proved he is pretty handy with a shotgun during a hunt for some Canada Geese.

Christopher L. took his fine Whitetail Buck with a crossbow in Kaministiquia, and proved a smart phone can provide a good photo.

Dave L. sent two photos of daughter Kayla, a Junior Shooter who demonstrated her expertise by taking these grouse the more difficult way, with a rifle. He then sent a photo of his 11 point Whitetail Buck taken with a crossbow, and then the antlers were mounted by Jamie Black of Black & Tan Taxidermy (contact info on our Useful Links webpage).

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Cheryl M.'s
fine target
with CZ-452
Wayne Sm. pic
of smiling
Red Fox
who is
ever very
Wayne Sm.
films a fine
Black Bear
Morning Mist
by Wayne Sm.
William R.
took a
large Buck
and also
this fine
Bull Moose
Don M. took
this couple
of Bucks
near Murillo
before heading
to family farm
and later
taking this
Doe in N.Y.
where the
leaves are
mostly down
but the
scenery is
Healey G. has
a fine
Whitetail Buck
Bob M. took
some plump
Canada Geese
Wayne Sm.'s
winter view
overlooking Kam
Chris L. took
his Buck with
a crossbow
Kayla L. proved
a fine shot,
taking these
Grouse with
a rifle
Dave L.'s Buck
was taken with
a crossbow
and then
mounted by
Jamie Black

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2016

Barry E. has befriended a female Red Fox. In Mid May, Don M. took some fine pix of this mother and her young kits. He took this later photo at end July of one of the nearly grown kits. [Canadian "red" foxes can come in any range of colours from the typical mostly red, to black or silver or a mixture.]

Don K. sent us this photo of a fine male Turkey, taken on his 2016 annual spring hunt for this wily bird. Don passed up an older Tom, to preserve the flock's breeding pool. His grandson, and future hunting partner, Declan is with Don on his daughter's land near Renfrew.

Wayne Sm. always records the wildlife frequenting his mountain home. Here we have a young Black Bear Cub and at another time a Whitetail Deer that is transitioning to its summer coat. A curious Raven circles overhead.

Bill K. succeeded in taking a great photo of a Yellow Warbler.

Wayne Sm. on 20 June 2016 captured this, once every 70 years on solstice, Strawberry Moon with a 300mm Nikon (rested, no tripod). Later his hilltop is visited by a hawk and crowned with a rainbow.

On 24 August Don M. took this photo of a Whitetail Deer doe and her two fawns in his yard.

Bob M. is shown while starting to field dress his fine Bull Moose.

Jodi G. sent this photo of John-Bryan G. with his Whitetail Buck. It has small antlers but is a good sized animal.

Scott E.S. was photographed with his late September Bull Moose from area 16C north of Armstrong. This 51-inch bull was taken with his Sako 85 Grey Wolf .300 WSM.

Here is Andre P. on a sunny day with his fine Whitetail Buck.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Don M.'s photo of
Barry E.'s pal,
a female Red Fox
who is here
feeding some
of the kits
and we see
two peeking
out at Don M.
The kits are
getting more
red and curious
and mom is
ever watchful
over them
By end of July
the kits have
really grown
Don K. & grandson
Declan with a fine
Tom Turkey
Wayne Sm. has a
Black Bear Cub
near his home
Later this Deer
is changing to
its summer coat
Then a curious
Raven circles
Bill K. got a
great photo of
a Yellow Warbler
Wayne Sm.'s
20 June 2016
Strawberry Moon
Here's a hawk
resting near
Wayne's hilltop
which is often
graced with
a rainbow
Whitetail doe
and her fawns
in Don M.'s yard
Bob M. took
a fine
Bull Moose
John-Bryan G.
and his
Whitetail Buck
Scott E.S.
with his huge
Bull Moose
Andre P.
with his
Whitetail Buck

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2017

Wayne Sm. sent a couple of trail-cam photos of Whitetail Deer feeding on his remote hilltop. That Raven is impatiently awaiting his turn.

Wray C. sent a photo from his yard of Snowflake, a Red Squirrel that is pure white.

Bob M. is shown with a fine Wild Turkey from his annual spring hunt.

This Great Blue Heron regularly enjoys fishing along the Neebing River -- photo by Banacek.

Don M. sent this photo with his very nice Whitetail Buck.

Jordan R. has taken a fine Ruffed Grouse and shows us some of the characteristic markings including the barred tail. (When we are suddenly surprised by a Grouse's explosive departure, the tail is often all we ever get to see.)

Jodi G. sent some pix of a successful wildfowl hunt by John-Bryan G. and his good friends. And then a photo of John with a fine Whitetail Deer Buck, as well as one showing the early heavy snowfall in late October along Hwy 11 towards Fort Frances.

Jordan R. and Chris R. are pictured here with a fine 8-point Whitetail Deer Buck.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Some of Wayne's
Whitetail Deer
while a Raven
waits for
his turn
Wray's Pal
Snowflake - a
Red Squirrel
Bob M. with
his fine
Wild Turkey
taken during
his annual
spring hunt
Great Blue
Heron is
Don M. with
his very nice
Whitetail Buck
Jordan R. has
a fine Ruffed
Grouse to show
us some close
up details
the barred tail
which is often
all we'll see
Now just what
is John-Bryan
doing here?
Well it was
plucking ducks
that he and
his friends
had taken
and they
gathered then
for the
formal pix
John has a
fine Whitetail
Buck in hand
and experienced
heavy snows on
Hwy 11 to West
Jordan & Chris R.
with a very nice
8-point Buck

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2018

Samantha D-R kindly provided excellent photos of a Whitetail Buck and Doe.

Bob M. started crossbow hunting this year and used a ground blind to take a Whitetail Deer.

Dave O. took a magnificent Whitetail Buck this fall in a heavy brush area where 45 yards would be about the longest possible shot. His full story is in the Member Ramblings section (link at left side of this page).

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Samantha D-R
filmed this
Whitetail Buck
as well as
this very
fine Doe
Bob M.'s blind
is located
near a point
and a Whitetail
got too close
to his crossbow
Dave O. took
a magnificent
Whitetail Buck
in November
2018 in fairly
heavy brush

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2019

Wayne Sm. took this fine photo in April of an immature Bald Eagle who perched on a dead branch only 50 yards from his window.

One of a pair of Snow Buntings that visited my yard in mid-November, eating grass seeds while migrating South. They moved over the surface of this shallow snow with a swimming motion of their wings.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Immature Bald
Eagle on Wayne's
high hilltop
Snow Bunting
eating seeds
on way South

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2020

On 5 March these two Whitetail Deer, daughter and mother, again visited my yard to nibble on trees and bushes and moss, and they looked pretty healthy now that most of the winter is past.

For a few days at the end of July it was possible to view the Comet Neowise (which comes nearby only once every 6000 years or so) and Wayne Sm. kindly provided a photo taken from his mountain.

On 01 August, while I was writing a newsletter, a Groundhog in my yard tolerated the close company of a baby Crow who was following him for several minutes, despite the occasional attempts by the baby to pluck out some fur.

On 23 August a healthy young Black Bear climbed the hill in my yard.

On 6 September another Black Bear climbed Don M.'s apple tree.

On 7 September a Cross Fox with very distinct markings dropped by my yard.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Whitetail Deer
survived our
snowy winter
Comet Neowise
by Wayne Sm.
followed by
baby Crow
Young Black
Bear visited
my back yard
Another Bear
up Don M.'s
apple tree
This Cross Fox
has distinct

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2021

Every year we feature some of the members' photos of their recent outdoor adventures -- sometimes from their hunts, but mostly candid photos of wildlife and scenery that they have encountered and enjoyed while just observing through a camera lens.

On 15 February a couple of Coyotes passed through my yard. Hadn't seen any for the past two years.

On 08 March this Bald Eagle spent some time in my yard, and the nearby crows remained very quietly on their branches.

In April, Wayne Sm. provided a photo of a Short-Tailed Weasel in winter white coat who was checking out a bag of commercial animal bedding. (Do they read?) Then in June he had a fine Lynx visit his garden.

On July 15 we were visited on the range by this Compton Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

In September Wayne Sm. took photos on his property of a resident Toad, as well as fabulous views from his mountain of a rainbow and a sunrise.

In November Brian W. sent us a photo from his party's successful Grouse Hunt.

And J.P.F. acquired this splendid Whitetail Buck.

In December Bob M. took a fine Moose.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Two Coyotes
were passing
This Bald Eagle
spent a while
in my yard
A Weasel is
checking out
some bedding
Wayne Sm had
a Lynx visit
his garden
Wayne's Toad
snug at home
in a hose
This rainbow
is splendid on
Wayne's mountain
as too is
this vibrant
Brian W. had
a successful
Grouse Hunt
JPF with his
Whitetail Buck
Bob M. was
successful in
his Moose Hunt

NOSA Members' Adventures and Hunts -- 2022

Every year we feature some of the members' photos of their recent outdoor adventures -- sometimes from their hunts, but mostly candid photos of wildlife and scenery that they have encountered and enjoyed while just observing through a camera lens. We're looking forward to seeing some new photos.

On 14 January a fine Timber Wolf crossed behind the house. Only seen for seconds a couple of times this year. They are very skittish.

In August, Patrick C. sighted in his sporterized Springfield rifle and went to South Africa for his third hunt there. On this page below are photos of two of the game he took. Much more about the rifle and several chapters detailing his adventures and showing many more photos can be found through his article My 2022 South African Hunt on the NOSA website's Member Ramblings page. A fascinating read.

On 21 September a Red Fox took a nap on our hill in the sunshine.

On 3 October, Wayne Sm. enjoyed this gorgeous sunset near his hill.

In October Brian W. sent proof of a successful grouse hunt: "That was the first day! Lots of birds."

Samantha reported that Jordan R's hunting adventure was successful this weekend; she got her limit. This was the first bird of the day! She was using a .22/.410 over/under.

On 20 October this young Whitetail Buck was cropping my lawn. (Yes he's still okay and is a regular visitor.) The next day some Cedar Waxwings dropped by to rest during their migration south.

In 2022 Healey G. has again proven to be a very successful hunter and is shown here with two fine Whitetail Deer.

Wayne Sm. observed this fluffed up cold Grey Jay on Christmas Day, and some very cold snow drifts along his hillside driveway.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

One fine Timber
Wolf paused for
a second
Patrick C. took
a big Bull
Black Wildebeest
and later a
fine Nyala
This Red Fox
napped in the
sun on a hill
Gorgeous sunset
near Wayne Sm's
hill top
Brian W. and
party found
these Grouse
in two
locations on
opening day
Jordan got her
limit of Grouse
this weekend
Here she holds
up the first
Grouse of day
This young Whitetail
Deer Buck helped
crop my lawn
Cedar Waxwings
rested during
their migration
Healey G.
took a fine
Whitetail Buck
and also a
very nice
Whitetail Doe
Wayne Sm. saw
a cold Grey Jay
on Xmas Day
and snow drifts
from the wind
storm Xmas Eve

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