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New Ontario Shooters Association (NOSA)

Equipment Reviews By NOSA Members

The aim of this page is to gather original reviews of sporting firearms and related sporting equipment -- written by our New Ontario Shooters Association members and based upon their real life personal experiences.

Some useful topic headings and a few examples are already here. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Table of Contents for Member Equipment Reviews


Find Your Best .22 Rimfire Ammunition -- Revised December 2018 -- Banacek


Bushnell Custom Compact 7x26 Binoculars -- May 2010 -- Banacek

Canon 10x30 IS (Image Stabilized) Binoculars -- October 2011 -- Banacek

Equipment in General

Smaller Gear Can Be a Better Choice -- May 2010 -- Banacek


Buck Folding Hunter -- May 2010 -- Banacek


Browning Challenger Mark I Pistol (.22 RF LR) -- May 2010 -- Banacek

Choosing Your First Pistol -- October 2010 -- Banacek


.35 Caliber Rifles -- Still Appreciated -- March 2012 -- Banacek

Telescopic and Optical Sights

Choosing A Reliable Telescopic Sight For Your Rifle -- December 2011 -- Wes W.

Vision Problems and Alternative Shooting Sight Solutions -- May 2012 -- Banacek

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Submission Guidelines for NOSA Members

Here we are not interested in stuff other people have said or written -- just real life experiences by our members -- and their evaluations based on personal observation and/or experimentation. Hands on stuff. Let's talk about the stuff you really like (or perhaps dislike) and any personal stories involving the gun or knife or binocular or whatever -- why this item means something special to you.

Don't worry too much about spelling and grammar -- we'll fix any obvious stuff and make sure you look good.

For personal confidentiality purposes on the website, we prefer not to use your full name -- just a first name and initial and/or nickname. But if you want total confidentiality on the website, we can completely leave off clues to your identity -- your choice. But the webmaster needs to know which member submitted it, or it will not be published.

If you want to write a more formal review, you might want to include some of the following information. Otherwise, just tell us your story about the item in your own words, like you're talking to a group of friends around the table having a beverage.

Model Name and/or Number
Description and specifications (weight, size, etc.)
Intended Purpose (e.g. precision target, plinking, hunting small game, etc.)
Picture (Optional) -- an original jpg image under 100 KB (but bigger is okay -- we'll shrink it here).
How you originally came to use the subject item and any interesting stories you had with it.
Your commentary based on your personal observations.
If, or How, you wish to be identified on the website with your review.

Warning and Disclaimer. Only the most current printed Shooting Rules and Range Standing Orders and Match Standing Orders as issued by the N.O.S.A. Executive are official and they should be read, understood, and followed. If there is any question as to interpretation of a rule, or safety of a practice, immediately ask a member of the Executive or a Range Safety Officer before placing yourself or anyone or anything else at risk. Any activity involving firearms has inherent dangers. Some contents on this website may include personal opinions and experiences or practices that should not be emulated. Everyone viewing this website, or any other website or book or magazine or pamphlet or media source, is cautioned to seek professional advice first about anything written or implied or inferred. Your safety is your personal responsibility.

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